They called from highway authority if i could change my driving test time, which is 2morrow... And i was like, no i don't know i will check with my school teacher and then i called him and then he said it will be really tight and it wouldn't work at all to change a earlier time or later... Then i called back to the highway authority and said that i couldn't change the time and so... and they said well it says 15.30 here and we can't changed it. And i told them about what happened and she was still against and told me about that it said 15.30 on her's computer. And i was NO arn't you listening to me!? And she said ok i will put you to the other line. And i was like THANK YOU (FINALLY!) But then my phone cash run out of money and i couldn't speak to the other lady from Borås (the one who called me up in the first place). And then i just ran up to call from my moms house cause i was so close home then. And just rang them up and they put me on the phone with the lady from Borås quickly. And said that i need that time of driving test! And she said yeah sure... I was so nervouse and everything that they may have gone and done something already. Which they did also btw. I was like Whata fuck! You can't do that!

Then it was fixed i got my driving test time back as normal.

BUT then my sis called and told me that i had to come to the restaurant or the town 2MORROW and be and sign my name on a freakin paper. And i was like i Can't , I REALLY CAN'T!  and then she put my "dad" on the phone. And then he started to freakin SPEAK. And said that it's the last time for me to get away from this shit hole and i was like yeah yeah yeah, sure whatever. WHAT ABOUT ME! I CAN'T!!!  and then we started to argue whit each other, which i love! ... Totally, yeah NO!!!

And i told him I'm having my driving test 2MORROW! THAT'S WHY I CAN'T! and i can't go and just reserve it again. I've waited for 3 freakin months to this! And you just want me to sign a freakin paper that jackie can do! (She's not the owner for the restaurant) me IS! Cause they changed it for some fucking reasone. And he said: yea if i don't do this i'm gonna die any minute! OMG i was like: DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT?? and he said yea, i really do! And i was like: NO i don't freakin think so, then you shoulda have died along time ago in your fucking surgery, when you did it some year ago.

I am so freakin upset that there's no words to it! aaaaaaaaaaarg! =@

He said: I pay for every cent it will cost for your driving tests! aand i said: Yeah you really think so! Are you opsolutely SURE that you will get you fucking money 2morrow? And he said yeah, you'll see when they give the money to ya 2morrow! And i said yea sure...

And he said will you help me or not! And i was so freakin angry at him i mean why would i freakin help him, he needed my help yesterday which i went to help.... I AM SO FREAKIN KIND! =@ which i hate sometimes. He even begged me....ARRRRG!

I am so gonna go away from this any time soon, I HOPE! To just get away from him! I've hated him even when i was younger. I hated him so much and now i HATE him even more! Much more and i really really really mean it!!!! 

Well he said that he will pay my all driving tests, well infact it won't change a bit! For what he did to me just a few mintues ago. He have NEVER payed a cent before for my driving tests! And now his willing to do that? Just to sign a freakin paper that anyone can do.

I am sooooo sick and tired of his SHIT!
"His thinking to much, he eat to little, he will soon die (in his fucking imagination!)"

He says: WE chinese arn't like the swedish people! (How racialist isn't he?)(I don't fucking care!) we help each other, if someone is going to die we are there for each other, if someone will need money we will give them the money they need, if we need help we help each other afterwards. (I still don't care!)

I've helped him so many many times, with his freakin apartement! Which i hate but i do it anyway cause his begging me everytime. And i've always wanted to get away from him every since i was little. You would maybe understand if you knew... why i hate him ...

Happy Valentins for yesterday!

Yesterday was Happy Valentines Day, didn't have any time to check back here to say that... 

Scholarship Book
I searched for scholarships all the morning. It took like 2 -3 hours even if i got a little help with it.  But it went much faster with help, when i did it myself it took more than 3 hours. But now i got the scholatshops foundations that i can search for now. So now is the next step to do a new "Personal Letter" I just have to changed a lil bit on the other "Personal Letter" i did to search for school.

After i was done searching the scholarships i text-messaged my friend and told her that she could come down to me a bit earlier... but then i just realized that i could sit in my kitchen and sew and re-design more clothes insted. It's so freakin fun to do that, i have a passion! =) But it was too late to say anything. I get to do that today insted. =) 

1st Tea BreaK
Last night i ate more calories, i didn't even eat a real lunch, insted i ate a bunch of cookies. Insted of a real meal lunch with vegatables and lasange, we ate waffles with ice-cream and strawberry jam and drank with tea. It was totally yummy! =) But so unhealty...! And then like 1 or a half an hour after the waffles we had a tea break again. And ate a lil bit of a Tosca cake, the dough was the most taste full of the cake. And the Tea Earl Grey was nice aswell.

2and Tea BreaK
We had that "tea break" at Floda c. We stayed, and Jeriko did 3 roses in napkin. He didn't have money to buy a rose so he did one insted. It was cool! =) We had alot of fun there. We spent our night there and watched the Melodifestivalen - "Heat" and "Måns" was awesome, i liked their song and they deserved to go to the finale. And Amy Diamond was so good and she so young and so talented. But unfortenely i didn't like her song this time... =( I like her, i have liked her ever since i saw her for the first time when she performed at the "Lilla Melodifestivalen". <--- She came 2and there.

After Melodifestivalen
And when the Melodifestivalen was over we gone over to the channel 3 to watch "The Perfect Man" hehe. We were going home after the 2and commercial. I told or just joked around that there will be an after party in my apartment. hehe Me and my friend went home to me And watched High School Musical 2. I love that one - It's the best one of em... But haven't seen the third one tho... like to see it tho. But the second one is so nice, i mean the girl is PINK! So awesome ha!?  =D =P

Kärleksbomb/Love Bomb

Send "Love Bombs" to your friends to make someone happy! Maybe your love will assure you that his/hers will be yours 2morrow!


System Camera

I got the thought! ... I've alwaysed have had a system camera, it's a old one, it was my dads before. I have totally forgotten that one. But today it just poped into my head ... I already have one and don't have to buy a new! Although it's an old one and not one of those like a Canon like i want - it's something tho :D And i can't wait to come home and look at it and take it home to my place, cause it's always have been at my moms house. Awesome! =D

It will be much more expensive with the parts on the camera tho. I can't wait, going home soon also! To wash the clothes =( boring, but has to do


Today i had to help in the restaurant and i get to eat really nice food that's the only positive thing to help. Hehe but i did get 500 kr yesterday for the chinese new year. A lile bit late... but fine with me, i thought i would get 200 kr only hehe. But I'm happy that i got anything at all. So i said oh THANKX! Now i can go and buy more clothes and Jackie was like see mom! I told ya...!  She says that and moms always like why do you go and buy stuff all the time, you can save them and do other stuff with it... I'm like... i like to shop!

Oh and i found a ring with a pink heart stone in the between 2 white stones. And dude that one when i tried it on. I was like IN LOVE with it! So gorgeous! But i'm thinking now ... didn't i said this yesterday or so... yea i think so...

Free time

Figuring out how to write the "Personal Letter" right to apply to folchigh schools. Finally i nailed it with how to rank it right, and i got help to finish the end too, so now i can apply to one of the schools. To apply to the others i just have to change the course name on the letter.

I also looked at the college entrance examinations test that i borrowed from the library. Man it's so freakin hard, the only thing that i understand how to do is the english task. It's a text and then you have to choose A, B, C, or D. BUT the english text is also hard to understand, i get lost in the sense of it. Even if i read it loud or read it twice i still don't understand a thing. But i know how to do the task tho. There's this first task about "diagram" which is totally super hard to understand!!! So i just skiped it even if i tried a little to see if i do understand it.

I told some people about the college entrance examination test and someone told me that she once did it. And said that she haven't felt that dum as then. So it is hard then. And it's ain't totally free to do it you acctually have to pay to do it. But everyone can do it. Dyslectic and blind ones can also do it.

Gossip Girl

Right now i'm watching Gossip Girl and it's such a interesting and facinating how Jenny is drawn to designing cothes, i really like her caracter it's so inspiring! How much she really want the job! And mrs Waldorf ain't appreciating her. I really like this serie it's so fashionable and fashion clothes everywhere, so moi! =P

Found many things that were spring news!

Were in town with Mikaela today and ate lunch together i was inviting her to pay for her lunch cause she didn't have any money =( hopefully she'll get them soon!  
It was fun even if we weren't there that long this time... we were both very tired and sweathy so we went home earlier then what we use to.

But in town "Femman" we found many spring news that were awesome things that we both wanted. I found a bracelet from Indiska that i bought. That was all i bought, but we kinda "window shoped"! hehe it was fun too! But all the need ya know... it ain't fun!
I found one pink spring shoulder bag which is a perfect spring/summer bag, oooh it was really cheap too. It came out last month so it's kinda new and i asked the sales-man and they said that they will take more bags in. It will be a hit i guess... But i really want it, but i was supposed to focus on finding some boots. But still i looked and didn't find anything that were on sale that i liked and that fit my feet. I only found spring news that i wanted. And those classic purple pumps are so freakin gorgeous - it hasn't gone down on price yet... =(

6 februari

I asked my colleague Emelie if she wanted to be my "contact person" and she said: "yeah, i would love to, i like you and i think it's fun" I was like awesome, finally someone who can! =) she asked me if i already ahve one, and i told her about Frida situation. My tears are like falling out, everytime when i tell that little story. :'( sad sad sad. And this person who's in charge i think her name is Johanna and she called me like a half an hour ago and asked me if i wanted a new "contact person" and i told her yeah i have one that i've already want and she can be my contact person. She'll call me next week about it. Cause i told her that Emelie will call Frida about this and that she'll probebly will call you. So i'm happy if it go fast this time! Already like next week.

Now i have to go to the train, i'm going ot my dads house. And 2morrow i wil go to the own with Mikaela and eat lunch together. Awesome!

Bye for now

4 days ago...

Wow it's been 4 days already since i wrote anything on my blog, i hope to get hold of that battery lead soon. So i can start blog from my own computer and much often too. I really have to get a new freakin phone cause my motorola phone now is totally weird! It like shuts down when you type a message or just do a new memory thingi. I'll try and call them 2morrow, i haven't called them cause i've been so freakin lazy just to pick up the phone hahahaha. Even if it's just a question.

I got a phone number from my freind where i could call to, to get on theirs secondary list. My friend work on this kindergarten. So this person i called she send me some papers that i'm suppose to write on with account numbers and thigns like that. I will write it down 2morrow i think cause now i'm too tired and have to go to bed soon. Will wake up earlie 2morrow to go to Ibis Hotel. Hope i'll get the secondary job tho! =) Hopefully i do! :D

Today i went to the mall with my friend Frida and she didn't felt that well... poor thing! I told her that she could go home if she wanted, but she wanted to come to think of something else. And yeah i know how it feels, when you wanna think about something else than the tradgical thing that's happens in your life...

Now my eyes are hurting and i have to go to bed now... see ya soon...

bye for now ... xoxo jessie