Now i'm home ... no at my moms house tho...  and now i'm going to eat dinner
bye for now


Now i'm in the restaurant and bloging from here - from Jackies computer. I'm also helping them sometimes if they need help of coars. Soon i'm gonna pick up some plates after 2 people have left... and now their left and i'me done... =) It went fast... hehe

i think i'll go home at 18.00 when they close the restaurant today. Cause then i can drive home too, me drove today in the morning. It was fun! Finally i'm driving again. 2morrow i won't cause then the car is for reperation and i'm off to Borås Textilhögskola eeeeeeeeeeeeee, it will be fun! =)

I've got my computer back

I havn't written in 3 days now, cause i've been busy and not have the energy to come and blogg, i've got my freakin computer back tho! =D It was like this: I left the computer to Expert to see if they could find any broken things in it, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. So they said it will cost 800 crowns something and i was like: "NO! I'm ain't gonna pay for something that dosn't work for me when i try it at home, and told him about the battery lead. And he said then it's something wrong with the battery lead.  I didn't have to pay to get the computer back. So that's good! =) So but they don't have that same kind of battery lead there. And my friend Trixie told me that it have to go on the guarantee paper that follows with the computer that they will stand for the battery lead if it's wrong with it. So i have to call Expert and tell them again about it. Many work with it. But when he took the computer and showed me that it was workin ... I was like MAN that computer look so smal! haha - i think i've get used to that i use alot more bigger computers these days hehe.
Will see if it has a nice loading battery in the comp so i can use it a bit today. I'm happy that i have it back now tho and that i didn't have to pay anything for it. But the next thing is to call Expert and see if the battery lead is on the guarantee paper.  Hope it is too!

27 jan


When i came to the Daily Center yesterday in the morning they told us - me and my friend that we were going to a study visit to a old colleague that works on a leather workshop (Daily Center). And oooooh so nice! =D i totally forgot that it was this monday we were going to meet her =) OMG it was soo much fun, to finally meet her again, i hadn't met her after she finished her job at the Daily Center were i'm working.

Daily Center - Leather Workshop, 26 januari

Me heard Lisa on the way up on the steps =) and then i saw her, it was really fun. She hasn't changed a bit on her look. I think everyone huged her right when they came up for the stairs. And they talked and i just wanted a hug from her. So she got a bunch of flowers and a card that i've done! =) It was also the colour PINK on it! =) hehe. Typical me... But it wasn't me who choose the card tho... but glad they pick that one out. :D hehe Lisa know my favour colour is pink also. hehe so that was extra fun! AND the flowers was aslo pink! =P 
When she got the flowers she wanted to lay it down somewhere and then she didn and i told her "I wanna have a hug too"! It was a nice warming hug =) Ohhh what i've missed her so freakin much, i totally was kinda smileing all the time when i was there. hehe So happy to see her again! 

Me and Frida thought and thought who could be my "contact person" but we didn't came up with any names who it could be. So when i came to the Daily Center where Lisa is working - then i thought oh! What a nice idea - I can ask Lisa if she wanna be my  "contact person". =D  
When we were about to go back to our Daily Center in Lerum, i was asking Lisa if she could be my  "contact person" cause Frida won't have any time left soon to be with me anymore when she starts her work again. And Lisa said that she maybe can't be my "contact person" either cause she got stuff to do and she's already  "contact person" to  Carro. And she said also - You know how Carro is - she gets yellous very easily and that... So i was like who cares! (thinking) ;o)
And then i was going back to the car - back to Daily Center in Lerum. And i had to say good bye and gave her a last hug. When i turned around she said that we will meet soon. And i said yeah sure... When i turned around and walked i think or it felt that she turned around on my side and was thinking ... that maybe she COULD be my "contact person". But i don't know really... that is me just thinking. 

Anyways it was fun how it all last. ^^ 


Today me was in Linden (Daily Center) and it was boring and everyone is making fun of me cause i'm so girlish. In Linden you get dirty on your hands and so on...  And i pick the dirty things or the things that can hurt me easily very carefully. hehe. They always do that... Anyways... today i got to do more then i've every done so much so far there in a loong time. I did much! And my friend did like NOTHING! 
And this guy J is there and like flirting and teaseing me and my friend thinks he likes me more than a friend. But i don't really know myself. Maybe he just like me much as a FRIEND! I don't know. But i was laughing at him for no reasone sometimes. And he saw that... but i was laughing cause my freind said that i'm in looove with him, but i'm not and that he loooves me. Silly bean!  

Anastacia News

Her single Absolutely Positively is out in the UK Itunes now. Go and buy it now!

Coffe Break

I was going to drive today but the car was going for reparation, so changed plans! I text-message my friend Linda and told her i can go and meet her and have a coffee break in Lerum (Café Ahlséns). It was nice meeting her we went to the gallery and looked for saleing clothes and talked it was cozy and fun. =) It was only me and her this time. Mariam and Nela was going to come too, but Mariams mom forgot to leave the train-ticket so she couldn't come and Nela woke up a bit late and said that she won't come cause it would take hours for her to fix her up or something. So but it was fun with only me and Linda. It was such a long time it only was us 2 together alone. I miss those days... We then went home to her, she or her sister have 2 cats. I'm alergic to cats but it's not that dangerous for me if i don't play with them or touch them =S they are lovely! Wish they had dogs insted tho hehe, cause them i'm not alergic to! =) (exactly like ana) eeeeeeeeee! =D

Then F called me - his so cute! =) I told him i was with a friend and was heading home with the bus soon. Asked me if i wanted help with anything or i could come over. But i told him maybe. But i'm maybe going if it won't be too late, cause they go to bed so early... I have to ask them to help me with the stipendie book - the book is so freakin big! And it's confusing and these damn words that is hard to understand. So those i have to get help with.

24 jan

It's such a awful and a rainy day today, yesterday was fine no rain at all just blowing. That was fine!
I'm heading to Partille today again and i'll be just taking a freakin key and change it there... I'll be checking back later today =)

xoxo jessie

Shots with Mariam

The Green Top

I forgot to tell ya that i got a late christmas pressie from Frida in a white Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly which was a very nice bag =) and there was this green top from Gina Tricot , i can't find the top on internet and show you how it looks like tho, but i'll try and take a pic of it so i can show ya, it's a nice one, it's not my colour but it does fit me anyway. I almost only wear black, much pink, grey, white and light colours. Frida said also that she couldn't fins a pink one - otherwise she'll get the pink coloured one then. But she thought this green would fit me. And it did and i'm also wearing it today and i looove it, i don't usely wear this kind of outfits or i mean the top style but now i know i can wear them and it fits me i can buy more of them in that style =) awesome she bought one to her self too but a purple one tho. =) So now we have one of the same tops =) coolio!


Today i had a lovely day, i went to partille and got on the train and saw this old friend, but i wasn't sure if it was her, but it was. anyways. She looked at me like she recognized me too. So i guess we recognized each other. =) Anyways she looked fine. I had to go and pick up some letters and posts there. Then me and my friend Mariam went to get my lappy that was ready to pick up. First we went to the restaurant to just leave the letters and posts to dad. And then we got so hungry so we got a bit of food there. And then we went to the Expert on Backaplan. And they said it was fine with the lappy but i told them that it was something wrong with it cause it didn't work for me at home, so how on earth can it work for them and not with me? So they said that it would cost 800 something just because they didn't find anything wrong with it, how freakin stupid is that, they take prices for soemthing they can just check out and not do anything with it. But they won't take a price if they can fix it. Stupid people! But i also had a assurance that is on 3 years. But i'll take the charger with me on sunday maybe if i'll go to Expert then.
After that we gone to Avenue cause this Mariam she wanna take pics with her system camera that she's recently have gotten. It was freezing outside and yea... But then after awail we got into a café, Finally! And we start to take alot of pic inside insted. It was fun, Mariam almost shut her eyes all the time in every single pic i'm taking but when she took it herself, she never did they got very nice. I think it's because of the flash thingi. But my pic's that she took on me was awesome i can upload them here now for ya to see.

 <--- I look sleepy here

 <--- This one was cute

And you can also see the top i'm wearing a bit of it. It was that one i got from Frida yesterday!

Anastacia Blog

Aaaah The blog from Anastacia came on the 21th and she aswered us with the "she hates music" but she dosn't i think it's so freakin cool that she answered us! I mean fans have talked and talked and wondered why if this artical right or is it wrong? But i knew it that the artical was mad! I knew it, I knew it!! We all ana fans know her more then the journalists do! It's so freakin cool that we do that! :D

Think positive... till the end!

After the Daily Center, my friend Frida and her baby Elva came and picked me up - we were going to Alingsås to just hang out and we talked and went to the new mall there "Storken". Frida had this cuppone that she could buy a bit cheaper with and she bought a pair of outfits to her friend who is going to have a baby soon and a pair of socks with spots under them for Elva. And a few other cheap clothes for Elva! :D I think Elva is going to be very happy to get them =) Then they got a bit hungry and Elva is so clever she can eat baby food now =) She's so cute!

Anyways we went to the café and we had a bite and i took a chocolate cake with cream and a orange juice And then the sad part came... Frida said i have a really bad news for ya that i have to talk to you about. She said that when she start to work again she will have a little bit time left over to hang out and so... cause when she works on the day her husband will be home and taking care of Elva and when she comes home she'll be with Elva and on the weekend she will hang out with her husband ... and i was like ... :'( Oh NO! (thinking). And she said so i have to be at home. She will start working on april but already now in febuary she said that it will already start being tight that we'll hang out. And asked are you getting upset now and i was like yeah a lill bit... I cried within myself. I was really sad and it is very sad. She said that we get to meet at the job, and i thought it's not in the same way then... but what to do? She said that we can still meet but not as often like we do now, 2 times on a month now.

But i'm trying to think positive right now, i mean the rest  "hang out days" we have left ... 

This have never happened to me before on friday 13 what i know. This is what happened; I called every single freaking friend of mine if we could hang out and do something cause i really wanted to hang out with somebody and everyone turned me down! Really EVERYONE!!! And then i feel totally ALONE. And i told that to Frida cause she said what she think that i have a lot of friends already hehe and she told me the same and it's not only on the friday 13 that happenes to her, that is almost every week. She lives in a middle of like nowhere and her friends lives in town and they have things to do and it's far to go to her and so on... So... yeah but she also have her boyfriend and her baby Elva so she's not totally alone. 

Was going to have a homespa at my house this week but noone could babysit Elva so we had to do this ^^.(which was un too) But next time we'll meet, she'll got a babysitter already. So that's good! =) So that's only me and her at my apartment to do the homespa eeeeeee, it's gonna be fun! :D

xoxo jessie

The Studio

Yesterday I was at this "The Studio" and you get to have 3 outfiters with you and without make up on your face, it was really fun cause it was all free, the make up artists did the make up on you and you get to have your clothes on and then the photograher took the pic and showed you how to pose. It was really really fun! I was a model for a day, that i've alwaysed dreamed of, of for doing. They didn't helped you with the hair tho... The make up artist asked me how i wanted the make up so i said i wanted it to be a little bit rocky and a bit glam together. The make up she did on me, she took like 3-4 different powder on my face, first foundation, then rouge and then i don't know what else she put on after that, and it was really a bunch of powder/makeup on my freakin face and then all these eyeshadows - brown with peach/orange colour on and then concealer i think she took it to cover my bags under the eyes. Cause i asked her if she could do that... And then the make up was done i wanted to do the hair i thought that a hair stylist did that on you too, but you could do that on your own - they had a flatten and a curly tongs and all sort of hair spray... i did the flatten one, it was nice but i really wanted it a bit curly tho... And so here's the pics...



 <---- I think this one was the best!


So what do you think? And which one do you like best? Comment please!

Oh My God!

Oh My Effin God! I just saw my pic from the 14th jan with my friends the nice one, OH my god i have a frekin dubble chin OMG OMG OMG! EW!!!

I have to go on a freakin diet now! aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I have to lose like 6 kilos

Now i have to go and see "Lipstick Jungle" and go and eat dinner... bye for now

xoxo jessie

19 jan

I've finished my baggy cap that i did on one of these Quick Knit, it's super white!! ME loves it! I can't however not have it on when my parents sees it, cause they have these chinese things going on like: If someone dies noone in the family can't wear white things on the head or wear anything white at all up in the head, How stupid is that!?  I don't belive in that shit, But i thought that i have to respect their thingi, so i won't wear it when they sees it or when i'm around them. And that has to let it out on me!? But then i thought if i wanna wear it around them then i have to have something on it like a flower with another colour on it, then it's not completely white! The thing is that you can have a ribber band with white stripes or white spots on it. That's fine, but not completely white on the head.
I can load it for ya ... but not today tho... =) 2morrow maybe - IF i remember!

Every since i saw and heard Björn Gustafsson with his "Level" and "Guild" I mean everyone saying those words now! My broh says it and i heard some people said it on the bus, haha how on earth can someone effect so much to so many people?! It's unbelieveble! =) But cool!

I have to finish my dress that i'm suppose to have finished by now... I guess i have other stuff to do insted like doing 2 black lead drawings. I've done 2 so far but they're not done yet, i'll load them up someday soon... It was a looong time i did or drew something at all with black leads. I guess i'm doing them now and forever furhter in life, i hope to keep up the drawing alive ya know!

xoxo jessie

The pillow! (AirMax-pillow)

My friend Trixie helped me order the Airmax-pillow yesterday cause i really need a new freakin pillow! But i have to wait till the 25th feb cause then they will send it out. That sucks big time, cause i really really really need it now ya know!!!! I've got a bad neck probelem. I've tried a stuffed animal without a pillow, with my old pillow - which is bad! So I hope the days goes fast now so i can get it! And hope the pillow works too! It shapes after your neck too, it suppose to be a good one, my friend have one of those, and it works for her. =)

17 jan

I'm not gonna be able to write anything later today or earlier 2morrow cause i'm heading to my dads house in Partille. And tomorrow i'll be driving so... I'll be back at night tomorrow...

I'm trying to win a designer bag on You just have to send in a mess (cost 15kr) and then answere a question. Hope i win!!! =) Fingers crossed!

xoxo jessie

The 14th jan

So i forgot to load the pics yesterday so i'm gonna load them and show them to ya now...

hmmm... i was so stressed out that i forgot to clean the table.... hehe

wow the pic of me look soo white. hehe we're now sitting and watching Top Model 11, it's been already so many seasons already!

Damn! Fridas hand is in the way...! Arg :@ We're drinking tea and eating some cookies here and still watching Top Model.

I wanted to take a full pic of us 4 but Frida didn't came on that much... So i took a new one...

... And this one everyone is on the pic! Before they went home i wanted to take a pic of all us 4 together! ;D And it was a nice one i think :D

Old Times

Arrrrggg when i wanna see the preview of this blog insert - i can see it but then i went back and it shows that it's "Warning about the side" or something! How irritating isn't that????!!! and then the whole blog writing that i did is gone!!!! Arrrrg =@
So now i have ro retype the blog i did!

Today i didn't go to the Daily Center cause i was sooo tired that i couldn't go up. And on thursday and fridays i'm practicing in a Hotel - Ibis and it's up early in the morning. So but i did something today anyway...

Old Times

I got a call from a lady about the grades, i have to give them so they can see what i have read in school. So i got off to Partille with the train and i saw a old childhood friend that i was with in my younger life. And then i got on the bus and saw another old childhood friend - but we arn't friends anymore. It's been years since i saw them for real, and WOW time flys really fast! I recognise them as smal and little. And now they are big and grown up. I can just say WOW! 

Yesterday i took some pic on the friends that were at my house, we had really fun and cooked some dinner and laughed alot! hehe I'll upload them later...