Was home this weekend

It was really nice to come home again, to the big city Gothenburg - it's so nice with so many people and the shops around it.

I was with jimmy and lived at his home. It was fun we hanged around with each other all the day, it was fun and cosy. I came on friday and got home on sunday. It was soooo hard to let go and leave him. :'( it was heart broken. (U)

I haven't updated the blog because of many things to do here at school. Friends to be with, lessons, work with the skirt and photoshop and do presentations. I have 2 presentations to do - the skirt and the photoshop pne for the skirt. How on earth am i going to make it on 2 weeks! okay the skirt is almost done but how will i do the presentation. Yes it's only to describe how i did it, if it was hard to do it, what did i learn from doing the skirt? Such questions it is. 


Missing hugs

Thinking about Carro, Everyone have someone to hug and i miss that. Both from Carro and Mica and jimmy.  I miss there hugs alot! The stranges thing is that i heaven't thought about carro since i moved here. Not that much so that i cry about itl But now it's like it's starting to pour tears again.
Last time i got a hug was from Alice and it was really nice but that wasn't because of carro. 

I'm going to gothenburg soon on friday at 3 pm. And i can't wait to HUG! 

now i have to go soon my lessons is starting again.. 
bye for now

Busy, busy, busy

Haven't wrote anything so far. Because many things have happened these few days and weeks. Jimmy was up here last last weekend. It was really nice!

I'm doin my skirt, it will be a pink one

have been busy busy busy, and yesterday before/friday it was alot of fun we girls was suppose to dress up like men and boys were suppose to dress up like girls. And they freakin nailed it very well. They all looked really like girls! It was hillarious! :D I had a freakin blast. It happened alot in that party. The party wasn't long at all we started at 7 pm or somethin

but now i have to go and take a walk with V.
g2g bye for now

11 sep

It's very nice to have someone who hugs you ...

It was a big party last night, hehe it happened alot as always! haha It happenes that these partys always lacks out.

It started like this...
Me and my hall way guys were pimping us up in the kitchen and the family room, had laud music and just some of us drank and some of us just hanged there and talked. It took awail for us to dress up haha.... then the party statred downstair at

Girls was suppose to be men and the boys would be girls, Dude you shoulda have seen, The boys look really like girls, hahaha it was so freakin fun.

fortsätter sen ... kram så länge

Second hand

Here's my purchased things i bought today


Hope jimmy don't see this hehe ^^ ;) ... altho he won't see how it will look like. =)

1 september

Came back from a second hand shop they have here in Fränsta. And i bought an umbrella, a leather bag, some red and black buttons and crochet hock and yarns. It's awesome with second hands you can find so many things for such a smal penny. :D Everything cost like 86 (swedish crowns). I wanna shop more!

The leather bag i thought i'd do a thing with it, cut it and do a necklace or a bracelet of it. And with the buttons i thought i'd paste or sew them on the leather band. :D I'm doing it for my babe. It's our 6 months on saturday so i have to give him something. He's always give me something and so i'm gonna give him something back. And he added that he will buy me something aswell. So =) <3

And i don't have an umbrella with me when i came to the school so i thought i would buy one cheap somewhere and so i found one today, It's a nice one it looks really old but perfectly romantic or something... =) it's an oldie! ;)
I can take pic of them so you can see.