The pics have finally arrived...

Oh the package have come now the one with the developed pics i did a few days ago... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D It was alot of pics! :D

Me and jimmy in Bulgaria, Me when i met Anastacia :D XD, pics of me - the gang and Carro,

Oh to finally have the pics of Carro makes me happy now! =) bcause Mariam had developed one of me and her and Carro and she didn't even gave me one. :@ Anyways so i developed it myself. Luckly i had the pics already in my comp! :D I'm so happy that i have some of them now so that i can put them on my scarpbook. :D

And lucky me who wanted us to take pics so that we can look back at these wonderful pics and remember the memorize we have of her! XXX R.I.P Carro xoxoxo

Tea break/coffe break

Soon is Jimmys coming home then we'll have a tea break/coffe break. We'll eat one of those yummy breads - tea baguettes i think it called like that... :S

Anyways it will be very cosy with tea and chatting! :D

Math book

Now i've done the math lesson. And i have to fix the Math bok soon! bcause the booklet is out of paper soon. EEEEEEEEE :S i'm going to see if i can get hold on one on

Hopefully it won't cost that much and that i get it home in time before the booklet is out...

More than that iäm just searching for jobs again! =) Hopefully the luck will bring it back to me now, bcause of the fighting for a job have been ages to catch...


It went kinda weird at this social welfare office meeting today. It was only me who was there of all people. Man i want my life back the one i had before when i had money!!! :S

So I'm going to another meeting again soon. In about 2 weeks or so. So hopefully i'll get any.

I've done all the things they've been pointed out. Such as:

  1. Searching for jobs
  2. Tried to apply for support for activitys
  3. Tried to apply for any sort of insurance
  4. Try to sell things at the market
  5. Try selling my things
  6. Go to the job centre

All those kind of things i've already done and still doing!

My bf can't support me forever!
I have to take care of myself for once in awail.
Hope i get this doctors certificate 2morrow as soon as possible so that i can search for this activity compensation.

9 am

I'm going to the social welfare office today at 9 am... Hope i can get any money from them. Otherwise i have to have my fingers crossed for the activity compensation. So hope, hope, hope it will go through both of them.

All fingers crossed!

So i woke up a bit earlie thought it was at 8 am i was suppose to be there. But it was 9 so. Now i'll be searching for jobs untill i'm going down.

Jessie Peach webshop

Finally, the site is done and this is what i've been up to besides than searching for jobs. I've started up a webstore Jessie Peach is the name of the site. And there you'll find what i create and what i do. Such as campaigns (for the future) and what i sell aswell.

Do check out the site once in awail and please tell me what you think about it!
There is a new product already in the store - "Black and white dream"

Thankx in regards
Jessie Peach

Searching for a extra job

I'm now on to the job centres site and searching for jobs, still...!

My plan is to find a job (a extra job) and still studdy math.
I've serached for a job for more than a half year now and still don't get any.
This is the hardest time of the freakin year to search jobs at all i guess.

Summer 2010

I found some pics that me and Jimmy have taken along this vacation in the summer. And there were alot of them i think. Nice with pics!

Here's some of the vacation when we went to jimmys grandmother and granfather. It was really nice up there and very beautiful aswell.

Okay so here some pics from Skara Sommarland

Yoga class ... =(

I was suppose to go to a yoga lesson today with Jackie but there came a lil bit of a headach in to my head.... Damn i said, i look so forward to this. But but it will be another time. The last time was free, aswell was this time.

Hope there will be more of these free stuff soon like the excersie programs. There's no money in my pocket where i can afford to pay a gym card now!

So for the diet program i've done myself: i have to be hard on myself and follow it. Otherwise i can't fit into my clothes ever! .... XD

But the good thing is that i'm going to walk a bit today! Hope my headach will stop soon!

Diet schedule

I've put some weights these few months lately and i'm so not proud of it, nope!
So now i've desided that i will exercise to get a bit smaler so that i can fit into my clothes again. 

This is my diet schedule:

Diet schedule!


Eat and drink:

·       Smoothie

·       Boiled eggs

·       Soup – vegetable

·       Greek sallad with feta cheese

·       Fruit



·       Bike

·       Do sit-ups everyday – night and day

·       Push-ups – everyday – night and day

·       Walk – 30 minutes per day – night and day

·       Do pilates exercises

·       Do some dance moves


Wish me luck on this! I need it! ;)

Some of the things on this schedule came from "Leannes Ana Abs Schedule"

A bad day

Didn't get the assistant job! :(
When i'm i going to get a freakin job sometime!!??
I'm tired of looking...

The first day - yesterday at the math course! A 2 hours class. It went good this first time. But we'll see how it works next time.
I even have to get a hold of the math book! So i'm going to call the peeps i've found on that billborad at the Municipality Adult education.

Everything went wrong yesterday....

Prom bracelet

I'm done with the bracelet now! A bit big but the pink strech band is twisted in 3 bands.
and the flower is a rose - weaved fabric and with light pink - tulle.


On saturday this weekend me and Jimmy had our 1 year and 5 months together day. It was fab! bcause we had it so easy and we were calm and evrything we took everything very easy. And so we had planed for the whole day but a few changes along the day.

We did some scrapbooking, we bought a scrapbooking book long time ago, we were suppose to fix it then. But now we took it seriously and did it this time. FINALLY! XD We don't have much of pics but we'll add them later. We only take those we have now.

Later that day we ate Tacos. Yummy! :D


4th interview

Hi, I became a member of the "Proffice" yesterday it's like a job center. They called me like an quarter ago or so. And they offered me a post mail job as a extra work. 4-6 hours per day job. From monday - friday.
So they are going to have a meeting today and she invited me to join to an interview with me at 3pm today. So i'm going to see what else they have on their menu.

WOW i'm so happy that i even get interviews with peeps. I'm so happy i'm so happy!!! :D :D  :D
Haha i even talked to Trixie about this and she told me that i should help her fix interviews to her. Haha she's so funny! ;)

I've kinda done this job before, i've helped my sis with that when cycling together and post some mail and commercial. So i know how it works.

Hope i get this job now. I don't know what else i should do if i don't get a job soon...

A lady called from Municipality Adult education yesterday and told me that they are offering me only to studdy "Math A" and i was like okay.....??? WHY? And she said bcause she can see that i've searched for heavy courses according to her. But if i want and have serached for those courses that means literally that i want to studdy them!! Not to say that i "can't" studdy them just bcause she can't see that i will weather do them clear.

I know what i can do and i know that i can clear them up if i get a chance and the will to do them.
Nobody is going to tell me that i can't clear things up, just bcause they say so! Bcuase i know myself that i can do this!

I just need to do them otherwise i can't search to go on university/college. If i don't search abroad of course...

But i want this now and nobody is going to take that away from me what i want to do!
And so the meeting is on friday 2morrow at 1 pm. Hope to get any sense into her head! Bcause i've gone and talked to her irl too so. Fingers crossed that she get's some sense into her head 2morrow!

bye for now...

Interview and hobby

The 2 interviews went kinda well. I think with the personal assistant went better than the Condeco interview. There were 1000 of peeps that have searched for this job. And they took only took in 90 persons to interviews. And i was the lucky one of those 1000 peeps! :D wow that's a huge number. And a step forward to the job. So hope i get the job now, fingers crossed!

So what have i done lately you all wonder i guess, beside for looking jobs...
I've done these bracelet i've come up with by my self. My inspiration was acctually prom. 
You know you go out and you dress up to be a good looking cute girl/woman to just show your self up or just for yourself. That was my idea of the whole thing.


I'm not done yet, but i guess you can see what i'm doing here ^^ I will load up pics soon when it's ready.

That was all for me today bye and good night sleep ya'll! xoxo jess