New Year's Resolution 2011

I've decided to have a New Year's Resolution this new year! Because i do have to go to the gym like every day and eat healthyer. I haven't done that this year at all. I have to be better on that.

So i've decided that i have to:
  • Gym every other day
  • Eat healthy
  • Can't eat candy, chips, fat at all. (Only for birthdays)
  • Loose weight 13,4 kg is my goal.
Happy New Year all!!!

Doing my last buns

I'm doing my first and last buns now. The dough is under the towel for yeasting. So now i'm waiting to be done for the next step.

While waiting i'm listening to music and just relaxing. =)

Tiny in the forhead in english...

I will eat tiny in the forhead - haha it sounds so funny in english. ;P Mohahaha
- I've already eating it, it was yummy! MY god i just spoke it out loadly "Tiny in the forhead" hahahaha it sounds really really hillarius! ;P XD

I have to go to bed and sleep now.
Bye for now
xoxo jessie


Have been added more to the OUTLET section on Jessie Peach. Maybe you can find something for New Years. ;)

Searching for a night job

Have thought about getting a night job a long time now, now that i have a job in the morning just 2 hours, so i thought to get in more cash if i get a evening job. =)

I've already searched a little bit of works here and there. But i will search more till i get one. =D
I wanna have a job from like 1.00 pm - 9.00 pm. Kinda everyday altho not those days when i go to the math class. That would totally smash the whole schedule!

What i got in pressie's and ...

So what have i been up to the last past days? ... hmmm i've been out with the borrowing car from dad. Been out and shoping new spring clothes kinda...

I got yea you'll see down here. Not all of these things are what i got tho. But one of the topest Geisha candy box, a Allum gift card on 300 bugs and the foot spa.
The death skull thing was for jimmy from me.

This is what i bought and found on sale when i was out shoping in Allum yesterday. Only 150 bugs! :D Cheap! It's mens wear. i tryed a women shirt aswell but it wouldn't fit me... :S

The fun day in town before christmas

Haven't bloged for a couple of days now, why? bcause i''ve been busy, working on pressie's.

Like today i met my best friend of all time. We went out to Gråbo to look at a turtle. Trixie wanted to look at it and decided weather she want to buy it or not. But she couldnt decide at all. Maybe when summer's coming.
We drove to gothenburg to give back a Samsung Galaxy phone or something.

And we ate lunch buffet china food at my moms last job in the center. It was yummy. ;)
We also went to Västra Frölunda bcause of the crapy system the Tele2 had...
It was beautiful and fresh in Frölunda town. More fresher than North town. I saw a Husqvarna shop there too. And they had these sew machines there, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i saw these fabrics there too, so i brought my friend to come with me and we saw the fabrics there and these other things a sewing machine shop has. :D :D I was happy altho the fabrics wasn't that cheap enough for my wallet.

After that we went home and we also got lost in the trafic bcause of the confusing part of where we should go, we relayed on the iphone Trixe had. And i also confused myself by holding it by talking to her in the same time. hahaha well it was fun for me - but not for her... hehe ;)

Anyways we got home to me and we shared our pressies mine was the shirt i did for her that she would have got for a long time ago. And she was very happy to have it. :D I was so happy that she even liked it! :D So good for me that she liked it, altho it was a bit too big for her. But she wanted a big shirt and she so did got one! XD
I also got one gift of her that i could open, she said that she only bought it because it was so sweet and sure it was

Here it is:

It says: My best friend in swedish. <3 It's lovely and when you pick it up or move it - it sounds from it like a bell or something in it. It's really sweet and i love it. Thankx Trixie! :D

OUTLET on jessie peach webshop

I have now cleaned my things (don't have any place left in my apartment) So i've put up an outlet on my webshop. Check it out! I will probably put up a men section too.
There's more to come. So stay tuned!

Now i'm going to bed, so good night and take care.
xoxo jessie

How do i earn money fast?

As you all know i have to pay back a couple of 1000 bugs now. And so i've searched on net a bit how to earn money fast. And there it says all these affiliates that you should do. But it's not much of money.

So i ask you guys if you know how to make money fast? not on betting or poker games because that you have to bet on first. So if you can come up with something else, i'll be glad to hear from you!

Thankx in regards
xoxo jessie

New layout

What ya think about my new layout on my blog?
Comment about it please! =)

I like it very much myself. Like it looks more brighter now and more of looking like a real blog now. =D That is what i like about it! :D

Fucking health insurance office!

I went to the health insurance office today and i talked to them about this freakin payment that i got. I'm supposed to pay back...
according to them they have payed me too much before. Like last year i had a housing supplementary allowance and i had the right to have it also. And when i moved to another district i had to apply for a new housing supplementary allowance. But i didn't get any. Because of my rent was too low. So i didn't get any!

But they say that i got it anyway...
And i also checked my bank and i didn't get any money from them. When they say i did! When i say i don't! It's so frustraiting, because it's so freakin much money also. :@ I'm so freakin angry becuase they can't do anything right when they do wrong, the debt get out on you, when you haven't done anything wrong at all.

I'm freakin mad, sad and so fucking sad!!!
And now i have to pay back and it's ain't little either. How i'm i going to pay back when i only have a extra job and i don't know how long i will have this extra either.

They can go to hell!!!!!! :@ :@ :@

Have done some dinner

Has been good at cooking now. Not yet finished yet tho, but it's yummy food anyway. =)
It's ... Thai food! :D Yay! Finally it was so long time ago i ate it (It feels).
Have done some vegatable's on the side too. =)

We are very healthy now in eating great food. ;)

The Shirt is FINALLY DONE!!! :D

The shirt is all done now! FINALLY i say! XD

Here's the details: I added some pink details a little bit everywhere of the shirt. =) That's my speciality! ;)

Tell me what you think of it!? Thankx ;)


I were in town yesterday and this is what we saw when we walked to the Kompassen - This s what we saw on the street.

On the building ...

It was on the building, they had projector on it and they had also sound to it. Not that cool really, i've seen better.

I bought a pressie for Jimmy and he bought a pressie for me. =) (Christmas) =)

Pippi Longstocking

I wanna watch Pippi Longstocking, like everytime when i was sick or whatever when i was little i used to watch her on tv. But now these days they don't show her on tv at all. Now when your grown up and everything. The kids television is really bad these later years that have come.

Like i wanna see Pippi Longstcoking. I think i have to buy the whole serie of her. =) It will be such a good christmas gift. Aaaah i know now, I can buy it to yea when i have the money ... yea. Which will take along time i think. If not this month. Yea will see about that. Hope so! :D

Like this one^^ in english. (The original voices is the best tho) When Pippi just goes in the candy shop and just take whatever she and they want in the store. OMG it look soo yummy!! And those candy store is so expensive now. They have them left somewhere. But where i don't know. And when that video was made the candy shop back then were very cheap. Now it would cost alot for just some candy.