2 -3 days in a row

Have been working on the thing we had in Sundsvall for the showing for our arts. And we are going to have a Vernissage in Borgsjö today at 6 pm. So yea hope it'll be fun!

The thing is i had these business card and all of them just - GONE! When i came to Sundsvall. And i had really 40-50 cards there. And all fo them gone!
No way - i say! I wonder really where they are! bcause all of them can't be gone like that, not mine! And i don't believe that peeps who's been seeing our arts there. Have taken one by one of mine.
Bcause Jojo, Maja and Petra who had one of those too - was still there. So i don't get it. It might be that someone in the room have taken them (when we were going to pick our arts down), and just throw them away. Just to have fun!  I say =@ !!

So i thought i'd do more of them before we're leaving the school today.  

I've been doing my jacket/ Twoile and Åsa have helped me fix it. Bcause Jenny is NOT here and she haven't been on school for weeks! Peeps are mad bcause of that, WE need help! So i think that Åsa have helped me alot with my jacket and the hard part of it aswell. And today FINALLY done with the construction. Finally i can go and do on the real fabric that is going to be THE "Jacket"! Thank you Åsa very much!

And now Jenny is coming 2morrow and it's ain't long enough either. But i donät think i need her help this time, bcause i am just going to sew the parts and sew them all together - so that it'll be a real jacket in the end. ;)
I'm so happy about that! And so happy about peeps are acctually coming to the engagement party!!! :D :D :D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D It'll be so much fun! :D

Earth Hour

Yesterday it was the "earth hour" at 8.30 pm. So i went to floor one and joined them.
I turned off my lights and all cables in my room before. But when i came down they only turned the light off in their room, the tv was on. hahaha  And everything else was turned off. They didn't do it the whole way. I thought they would ;)  

I'm engaged!!!! :D :D :D

Haven't blogged about it, it took time to tell the hole story. So here's it is... Finally done! :D

We drove to Sundsvall at 11 am. Then we arrived exactly at 12 am in Sundsvall. 
We went to "In gallery" and window shoped a little. I shoped a "I love you" tea. We never drank it tho =( 
Than we went to Claus Olsson bcause i had to find a tea-strainer - i didn't have one.  

We even went to search for the cinema, but it was hard looking for it, bcause the guy we asked - he said that you will see it! 
Finally we found it, the parking house was expensive for 1 freakin hour: 12 bugs! 
Anyways, we went to SF cinema and we couldn't chooce which one we wanted to see, bacuse me always want to watch romantic films but jimmy not. And so we picked Alice in wonderland. Started at 6.15 pm so we had time to do something else for those hours. 

We went to the city again. And there we looked for a cafe to sit and just relax. And so we went to IN gallery, but they was suppose to close at 4 pm. And so we were too late. So we ran around the city and we didn't find any restaurant that we thought might go to after the movie. But we appear to the Barista cafe again. 


Me and Jimmy at the cafe Barista ^^

Then there we insted took a cupe a coffe and tea with choco ball and a . At the Barista cafe the eco one. 
sitter å fikar  fr. olika vinklar  

Here at the "Viktoria Restaurant" in Sundsvall. Just cross over the Barista cafe. It's a frensh restaurant. ;) 
Under the time we were waiting for the food to cerve us. We talked and he just looked into my eyes all the time.  
The first dishes: Salmon toast with honey sauce, Yummy, delicious it was! :D Wanna have more of it!
                   Lax toat  

Here were starting to eat it! Just some pic before we eat tho... ;)

Than the main course: they served sirloin - planked steak, smashed potato and with bearnaise sauce. I got so stuffed by it, that i couldn't even choose the dessert. So i skipped it.
         with smashed potato and bearnie sauce   
In the middle of eating the dishes. I was asking, what's the secret you're going to tell me about??
Jim couldn't say anything, bcause he was so nervous...
When he said he was very nervous myself got nervous aswell. haha

And so i went to the toilet and wondered really what he would tell me, and then BING! He will ask me if i wants to married him. That was the final thing i had in my head that he would ask me about.
But then i came out from the toilet he took a little time for himself and he said: I dont know how to say this, i've never done this before either. And then i said, tell me now!

And so he started with "take off your glasses" so i took them off. And then "close your eyes" and "hold your hands out"  Don't peak he told me. And when i opened my eyes there were this white little box. And i was like OMG i'm right he is asking me to marrie him. MY god. And then he burst out, "will you affiance with me?" I was in tears, YES! :D

The ring are of plane silver.

I'm engaged!!!! =D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =D =D =D

Jimmy asked me on our 1 year month (21/3) 


Watching tv on floor 1

This night have been very nice, at 8.05 pm something alle asked me if wanted to come down and watch tv with them on floor 1. And i was yea of coars! :D

I was very glad when she asked! :D :D Thankx! :D

It was nice watching with you guys, Even if i don't talk much it means much anyway. And i do have fun, just listen to my laugh and you hear - i'm having fun! XD

At 10 pm we were going to play cards. We played "7" It was fun and it was easy. =)

Anyways i had fun! :D

The comment box works

OMG have fixed the comment box now! It appears when you click on the comment linc and than you have to scroll down and there's the comment box!

Tada: you can comments now! Weeeeee :D So happy that it works now! hehe, it took a freakin damn time to fix that thing, and finally it works aswell! :D

Pecha Kutcha night

Yesterday me, Fanny, Petra and Alle - we arrived at Kajsa like 17 pm something i think. There we ate really nice food and bread. It was so cosy and really fun, I enjoyed it very much.

We came there and gave Kajsa some yellow flowers. =)

In the owen there was home made bread, It smelled so nice! 
MY god it was so delicious! :D And the soap was fab! It was so home made - haven't eated that for months!
It was really really nice! =D 

Than at  19.50 we went down to the city hall to see the Pecha Kutcha night. (http://designarkiv.se)
It was nice, have been on one of those before with the whole class! :D 

It's really nice, i think they have these night in Gothenburg aswell! :D

Like those, bcause they are so fun and see new designers and so on... Wanna go on them more in the future! =)


Swiming hour!

Just came out from the shower. Have been swimming more than 1 hour today. Kajsa took her car so we went with her to the sports hall. =)

It was nice swimming today. It was harder, bcause i worked out yesterday.
=) It was nice, I think i've been very good to do these work outs every week now, altho it only been 2 weeks now haha!

Work out hour!

Was at the sports hall and had a training hour with the girls (Alle, Fanny, Kajsa, Matte and Petra) It was fun girls! =) Thankx for asking me hang out with ya'll! :D I enjoyed it very much! :D Thankx again! :D 

HUGS for ya! 

I took it very easily! =) i have't trained for years.

And hope Fanny can go and swim with me 2morrow! :D hope so, fingers crossed! XD

They're moving down to house 5

I just heard that Emma and Verre are going to move down to house 5. Where Linn, Billy and Marina lives. And we were talking about that before when i was in there "gang" aswell. But now they have decided to really acctually move down there. AND there's only 2 rooms left down there.

So now when i'm not in there gang anymore - they thought that they could move down there now. I guess. Cause it seems like they don't even bother wanting me on there "gang" anymore at all!!!! Bcause they have not talked to me about it either. 

Am i sad about it? Erm... YES why wouldn't i???
Bcause i've alwaysed hanged around with them before alot. And now not!  It feels like they have taken this thing that happened between me and emma really seriously. I mean WHY???  

- And this fucking question that i asked the class about "how can people be so false?"
I mean it wasn't meant to be for you Verre! I meant it for bcause i have really had such friends that really are like that - when i described them! And i asked that question bcause i've alwaysed wondered that! Why?  

And so i think you've taken it the wrong way, ^^ you've maybe thought that it was meant for you, bcause you know yourself that you haven't either talked to me in days.

I really try to talk to you all! But you seem so ... "NO, i can't accept it" (what you've done and said) Even if it ain't no harm. 

You can say that i'm not longer there friends anymore - that IS what it feels like now and i think it's true aswell!

The evil eye

Wow people really starre - the evil eye! It looks like the whole school know about it and my blog - what is happening!
I can see it and i can feel it!

It feels like the whole school have turned their back on me..... Why?
There haven't been any conversation before with some peeps at school, but you still have been hanging around with them before...

I don't know, but i guess it's because they know someone that they know so well, that they can't turn her back at all. So they have to blame someone and that would be me!

It's fun hanging around with the other peeps in the class and it's nice for a change aswell. =)
But do i still miss the other guys i used to hang out with more often? Yes i do for sure! ...


I've been doing a dress that is pink with white poker dotts on. And i hope i'll get done with it by 2morrow. Bcause i have to have it on sunday...

And i've been sewing a top for this other subject that we have with Hååki (Tomas)
I'm done with my top. It took only 2 days doin it, it's very simply idea, I like it! But i don't like how it fits on me. It looks like shit! But loove the idea tho! ;)

When i look out the window this morning i saw snow alying on the ground and i was like NO why? it was like going to be spring now! When the snow goes out. But than in the afternoon, the snow began to go away bcause of the rain was pouring down. AWESOME! :D

Now the snow is almost gone! ... at least the snow that came last night, that is laying on the ground! :D

2morrow will have a free studdy day! :D :( bcause our teacher jenny is not here! =@ And that sucks because i need HELP with my jacket, i will never go and finish it IF i don't get help with it!!! =@

Anyways i'll have to do something else insted.
Like if this dress i'm doing right now will work  then i can do more of them later.


I gave out my blog to 1 or 2 peeps in my class and BOOM! There was suddenly the whole class who knew about it, the thing is that, it's accutally kinda funny, bcause it's all about the GOSSIP and RUMOURS they want to read and know about - what's goin on and whatever that comes in their fucking heads that they wanna know! 
Do people talk here?? YEEES!!! For sure! 
They like to talk shit and they LOOOVE GOSSIPs!!! And that is how it will end forever!  

People might get hurt, but that's just the way it is, You just have to learn "to not think about it" and "don't listen to what people say" That is my final tip!
Bcause you get so sad and you won't feel better about it either.

And WOW people really was irritated about the whole thing before the sports holidays. 
And it was such a bad thing going on in the room between everyone i've heard. But it was totally alot about the thing me and this other person had.  
Hahaha i knew it and i felt it! Boy do i know these people or what! 

And may i tell ya something interesting aswell?!
I've seen how many people who's been reading my blog, and boy let me tell ya, iT'S A FREAKIN RECORD! I've never ever had so many visitors before! It's really nice, but the funny thing (that i mentioned before) is that it is the gossip and the rumours. 

Even when you think that you have people around you such as friends - They will always talk about you, the good stuff and sorry... but the bad stuff aswell! Don't go and trust them fully! Even if ya think that they would never do it! They would and they will! Either way you like it or not!


It's nice talking to someone... And i'm really glad, bcause it feels better and the person have also gone through almost the same thing.

Thank you! You know who you are! .... =)

Nice swiming today!

I've been in the sports hall and took a swim hour with Fanny like just an hour ago. It was really nice for once, to just go out and do something else.

And boy - there came out sooo many thoughts about everything! About Carro (R.I.P) Boy do i miss her or what, it feels like she's still alive, like her spirit is still here. I miss ya hun! <3

Jimmy is coming to the town this weekend and i miss him very much. <3
We're going to celebrate our engagement! ;)


And this madness in this school. Have i learned something special about these people in this school or what?
People like to TALK!!!
GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP!!!!! Everywhere!

First day at school...

After the sports holidays...

It was so freakin weird today!!! between everyone at all. I don't know if it has to do about the freakin thingi before the holidays. I don't know but i think so! ...

You come and say hello and how everything have been. But then you don't even get a hug or a bit of a classy touch of it all. Everyone is saying hello and give hugs to each and everyone, but me is not the one they go to!
Have i got to be one of those they "hate" now?
I really think i have, cause it's not the same at all now!
I knew that it would be weird after the sports holidays!!!! Between some certains of peeps.

Now i just work with everything i have left to do! I have to come and be done with the twoile and then move on to the next step to the real fabric that i'm going to do the jacket on!


Some people you can't trust! That's just the way it is!
There's people that you've come near, but they show you that they are really false to you!
They don't say anything about it, but i can see it so clearly that noone else is seeing it.
You can't trust anyone at all, infact they can show you such a sweety face, but then inside themself they think - "Go to hell"!
That is so NOT nice - then you don't even know who your real friends are! (anymore)
You give away/open your heart, but it's not enough for some peeps i guess... cause they just through away your dignity!
Is that how's it suppose to be??

That is how i feel right now!!!! ^^


I've been not doing that much this week really, have been visit "utsikten" and "resurs centrum". Today i thught i'd try and visit "Linden" aswell.

Going to borrow my dads car now and then go and pick jimmy up and will eat suchi buffe in Lerum.

G2g now bye for now

Sorry about the last message...

Forget about the other message i had before this one i'm writing now.
It was just a missunderstanding - all forgotten!