Tomorrow at 5.30 pm something, will we catch a bus from Jimmy's job and from there we will go by bus to a ferry, that will lead us to Oslo, Norway!
It's Jimmy's company that arrange this whole thing, so it's all free even for us who are respective's.
It will be a fun trip i think, we will do alot of fun stuff, stay at a 5 star hotel and much more... i have no idea what plans it will be at all. They have a schedule for everything i guess that we will follow later on that day and the other days.

The company do these things ^^

Sunny days 2011

Sun, summer is here, chrocheting, and make my legs look brown as the rest of the body ... The floor is so hot that you can't even stand barefoot on it, it burns!
By the way the houses infront of my yard, they have done new houses and it's been like pain for people like me and the rest of this house i live in to hear them evrey morning. They slam the ground with trucks and machinery, it's so loud that you suddenly wake up!
But they turn out to be really nice apartments... too expensive though!

It's been sunny in 2-3 days now and it's frickin awesome! It would be really nice if summer here can be really sunny like everyday in a month or just a week or so. It would feel like being abroad.

What a great feeling right!?

Cute & fun news

OMG your not gonna believe your eyes, i can't believe it myself!
They have opened up a Stoff & Stil shop in Bäckebol. It's so amazing that i jumped of joy. When we arrived, there was a sign said "Stoff & Stil" i recognized the sign and all but didn't quit know what it really was so on the left side of the other sign it said: sewing accessories and i got blown away. OMG i can't believe they finally have opened that kind of store near by me! Well it takes only 20 minutes or so to go there. But it's so all worth it. The other Stoff and Stil store is in Malmö so you got it right? ;)

And here's another lovey thing that came home to me, now i can do real Amigurumis figures for real!! :D

The only thing that i don't understand in this book is that it says "fm" which i know what it means but it says that in every first line to start the figure of the head or whatever it is. I'm gonna figure it out somehow in the mean time anyways ... i hope!

They are such a lovely figures that you can almost cuddle them, although they are very smal.

I hope my figures turns out to be as fine as they look in the book, it will take a long time for me to finish this piece and i will be so thrilled when it's finished!

Let us beat the breast cancer!

Go to and

They have alot of stuff there! Like dvd's, games, toys, gifts, clothes, designer clothes and much more...
You can say it's very cheap over there. ^^ ;)

Anastacia have done this prototype for cancer research, such a lovely duck!

Be part of a very good cause!


Amigurumi figure

I'm trying to do an amigurumi figure, a pink one. I saw some pictures of them, they are so frickin cute! I have no idea if i'm doing it right or not and i'm doing it without a pattern too. I know how to crochet but i don't know the patterns at all, i'm doing it free, by myself. So we will see how it will turn out to be.

Look at these, cutie pie's!

Midsummer night

Ate midsummer night dinner with Ida, Dennis and the 2 kids they have. Super sweet kidz... the sauce was with creme frech, red onion and chives. Yumm!
The dessert was with strawberry and cream, carrots and chips with dip.
The "Modifast" chokolate were for me who got it because of they were going to eat chips... which i don't eat.

The last picture ... We saw in the last minute 2 roe deer's they were fighting with each other in the football field. I couldn't catch it on my camera, too slow.


Ana answered me on twitter!

OMG Ana has answered again on my tweet to her! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D :D :D Can you believe it??? XD
I'm so HAPPY! Today is midsummer - to welcome summer. Ana wrote this for 19 hours ago! :D It's a happy day!

I have to answere back to her questions! :D Eeeeeeee :D

Making thai food

Yesterday i cooked some thai food, one strong and the other one light strong. The light strong, wasn't even strong at all. I had just one teaspoon with Panang Curry in it and the other strong one i had 4 teaspoons in it. Not even that was a strong one. i thought!

The light one was for Jimmy and Melissa. The strong one was for me, Ida and Dennis. We who can eat strong food!

It was really yummy, but my "salt" was finished. So i have to buy a new bag of it.
My recipe will come up soon...

Flour Porridge

Here's my lunch for today: it's called "Flour Porridge" with starwberry jam. It's taste of vanilla. It's good for breakfast or whatever you like it to be.

Here's the recipe if you would like to do it yourself sometime. ;)

Wheat flour porridge:
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons flour
2 cups milk

Mix the vanilla sugar with the flour in a saucepan. Pour the milk and put on the plate. Bring to the boil and take off the plate so it does not burn. Serve with jam!

Taco night

This weekend i've been busy spent time with old friends... or new ones ...
It's been really fun because we've been laughing alot and we have shared our memorise and so on. They have 2 kidz, 2 daughters and they are so cute and fun to play with. The oldest girl Melissa thinks it's fun when we play with her. That's really nice to hear.

And the youngest is a baby, she's really fun to watch, she got big eyes. Babys with big eyes are so cute!
We've been eating dinners together. (have no picture of it, my mobile camera is frickin weird, not workin!)

Today we will hang out with them again... Hahaha we will eat Tacos together. They have things that we don't have and we have things they don't have. haha so nice to bind it together. Things that we will eat.

Something Borrowed

Jackie (lil sis) asked me if i wanted to go to see a movie called "Something Borrowed" at 9 pm. I said yes even tho it was kinda late...

It was "Veckorevyn" (a magazine) who arranged it. But the thing is that they were never there the editor in cheif. I thought that was bad because it's almost everyone that arrange the thing is always there to say something. But this free ticets you could also see it in other theaters. And the main place is Stockholm where everyone lives and the magazine is also made there.


Jackie thought we would get a goodie bags, hahaha. But nope nothing!

The film was good, i loved the drama and the humor in it. But it was kinda a old drama movie that i've seen before between a girl and a girl and the girls boyfriend.


Just come home from a Xtravaganza night. There were slim food, drinks (1portion), fruits that they served. They had a gym pass before the eating. But i wasn't on it for the first: i didn't know about that and 2and of all i already have trained 2 hours before.

It was kinda nice, altho it was only me the yongest. :S The team leaders were very kind and nice. They smiled at ya and so. =)

When leaving it, you got to take one of these:

I don't know about it, i think i will go on my own race, it will be much cheaper also!
With this training program it cost like

  1. 900 kr for 6 months and that included the food and the gym
  2. 599 kr for 4 months and that included the food and the gym
  3. After that you pay 499 kr for something...
It cost alot so i can't afford to it.

Try the electirc mixer

I've baked some sponge muffin. Just needed to try the electirc mixer, bought one to mix the ingredients easier, insted of a hand beater. And look how the muffin looks like when i used the muffin pan. They really look like real cupcakes now! :D I'm so glad i bought these, they are really nice! I found a muffin pan for big cupcakes/muffins too, and i'm going to buy that one in the mean time...

Here's the recipe i used:
10 servings

2 eggs
2 cup sugar
3 cups flour
1 1 / 2 teaspoon baking powder
1 / 2 teaspoon vanilla
50 g butter
1 cup milk
spreads & bread crumbs (to form)


1. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees. Grease and bread cake shape. Beat eggs and granulated white and fluffy. Mix together the flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar.
2. Melt butter and add the milk, so that everything is lukewarm. Pour milk mixture into sugar mixture and stir. Whisk flour mixture into batter and pour it into the pan.
3. Bake the cake in 175 degree oven for 28-30 minutes. Feel it with a stick if it's done. Is the dipstick completely dry, the cake is ready. Tip: Want to make a tiger cake, remove one third of the batter. Pour the first two thirds of the shape. Season the final third with 1 tablespoon cocoa powder. Stir with a fork so the cake will be beautifully striated.

Mio, Alingsås

Today mom and dad picked me up, i was going to show them where Mio was in Alingsås. It was nice in that shop, they had alot of nice funiture there, some were horrible seated and some were really comfortable. Almost everyone of them looked well deisigneded.
After that we went to the center to see what they had and to have lunch. We got to Yummy Sushi, i got this with beef and rice, it was yummy! :D

I bought this lovely badge, it's a littel one, i thought it was so cute and it was very cheap also. I was like dude, i just have to have this one! I looove cute stuff, it makes me so happy! :D

Approval of math

I got approved on Math class yesterday! :D I wasn't that chocked at all. Infect i kinda knew i was going to get a approval! The teacher said that it was only 2 guys in that class (my class) that got approvals! And i was one of them. I'm so proud of me, that i could do it, I just needed to believe in myself! And the result was awesome!

A nice weather with sun also, it couldn't be any better ... or yes it could to celebrate it with Mariam because she got an approval too yesterday - same day! ahahaha XD
We're going to celebrate it someday soon. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!