Autumn has come -

By the way I stopped by on Stoff och Stil and looked what they had of kind of lace fabric, but they didn't had that much at all, same on their site aswell.
BUT i found these 2 new magazines, I was thrilled because now i have something to read and watch! :D

Oh and on the way home from school i took these beautfiul nature pictures. Clear sky without cloudd, it's surprising how the weather is this year of autumn, it's very warm in the sun when the sun shows up. And i like it, nice weather!!

I love the colors on the leaves, red, orange and yellow, beautiful!


Design schools that is what i've been looking for these past few days, I want to go to a desgin school abroad where it has beach and sun every day.
So far I've found schools in USA - LA, Thailand and Italy. I don't know about Australia, New York and Paris, I will look for more info.

This is me in Bulgaria, SUN, SUN and SUN!!!

Work hours

My colleague called me on a sunday afternoon and asked me if i wanted to work more hours? And i said Hell yeah! I do want more hours! So from this monday this week i started to work on another drugstore. And i will get more hours soon, there will open a Kappahl too 20th october so i can't wait till it openes.

Other than that... I don't have anything to say.
That's all for now.
Oh by the way there's been very nice weather these past 2 days and there's more to come! :D

Snacky snacky

A bit snack, was hungery and watching True Talent. A new yogurt from Olo a really tastefull one, you have to try it!
It digestion your stomach and it's creamy and good.

Now when i go to the gym 5 days a week, shows result but can't see it though, but everyone else sees it... Okay, I have to be honest thougjh, one of my chino pants are a bit looser now and i feel awesome about it! :D

I will keep up the good work i'm doing and continue with it. Soon I will see more result but it will take time though. But that i have to take i guess, to avoid powder drinks, i hate those!

Start designing

I purchased this desktop today, I'm so frickin happy!!! Now I can finally get my sewing machine up on the desktop and really sew my clothes that i've wanted for months now. It looks very nice! Soon i will have some shelves up on the wall aswell. I can't wait! :D

Weeeeeeeeee, finally my work will be done! A great place to work on for sketches, paintings, computer and sewing. :D

Before heading to Jysk and buy my beautiful desktop, we ate our lunch in Ikea, I took a caesarsallad with garlic bread. It was super YUMM!
Took a look in Ikea for a desktop aswell but there weren't anything i liked or the fitting that i was thinking of. There was trestyle work, but they were too big, if we had a bigger apartment i would get it though.

New York

A new restaurant that has been opening in little Lerum, "New York" is the name of the restaurant. The prices were really nice, this piece of planked steak was made with smashed potato with chicken fillet with bearnaise sauce and fried vegetables.
I was full, I couldn't even eat everything on the plate...

Me today

Sparkle set

Look what i found on the kitchen table before i was heading to school this afternoon, I've forgotten to tell you about this super cute little set i found yesterday. Very cheap also, so i just had to buy them!
Now i can create so that my brain boils up too much. ;)


Now's the assignment is done, i hope every word from the story is correct, otherwise i'm in deep shit! After the classmates have seen and corrected mine if they see any wrong this with it, we will leave it to our teacher. My god i'm so nervous about it!

Fingers crossed that it will be all fine though!

I have to tell you another thing, yesterday me and Jimmy celebrated our 2 years and 6 months together. We went to Alingsås and ate some nice dinner. It was fabulous!

Assignment problem

My assignment from the Swedish language class is to make an own story and it has to be in 1-2A papers. The writing part isn't that good but the idea of my story is kinda nice though. I've written almost one and a half paper. That's not enough, what should i do? this assignment has to be done till tomorrow!! I have such anxiety, why didn't i come up with a story already last week and why can't i go further with this story? This story is way too short!
Help please!

It's like everything is up side down!

Beauty mobile style

I've created this beauty mobile the whole day and this is how the result gets.
Samsung touchwiz have no mobile shell, so i glued it on my phone. I can take the pearls off very easly though, if i want to change the design, that's the great thing about those stickers i've put on it.
I don't have an Iphone, but i want one, so i did my best of it insted!


When wondering what i should do, do i take out all my pearls and wires. To see what i can set up to create. looking out for old necklaces and rings too. While still wondering i just make something out of pearls and wires. It went really nice and i'm prud of how it turned out to be too.
You will see the result in a couple of days.

This is how it can look like when i get my all creativeness out!

19th sep

Holmens market a second hand boutiq where we were supposed to go the day before sunday. They had alot of furniture, electronics, china and a corner with clothes, fabrics, sew stuff and alot of buttons, which i found some. =)
I love shopping second hand stuff, you get alot more stuffy out of your money. Insted of spending a hundreds/thousands of your money you can get much cheaper things and you've saved alot of money. You can also find alot of brands if your lucky enough to find it! ;)

Have been walked by those 2 windows serval of times and seen people in there like everytime. Looks like it's popular to go there. So we went to an Indian restaurant, named "Bombay Palace" on Södra Vägen 19 in Gothenburg.
They came out with these authentic handmade clay ovens with a light under to keep the food warm. So cute! Felt such a hunger for the Indien food, have longed for it for along time now.
I took a Tikka Masala with naan bread and Jimmy took King Prawn Masala with naan bread also. It was super YUMM!!!

After eating that lunch, we headed up to avenue to the other side and just walked to see the different places there, where we want to live, maybe an apartment there. Went to a cafe to take it easy and have it cosy for ourself.

An Angel

It's Anastacias birthday today 17 september! Eeeeeeee!!


Changed plans today, were suppose to go to a big "second hand boutiq" today, i took even one day off from my job to go there... What a disapointment!

We went to Gothenburg to set the mood better, (we were mad and irritable).
Walked along to Haga there we found this Kawaii shop that were open! :D

I love this shop! :D ^^ There's so many cute stuff in there!
Saturday's have they opened. =)

New restaurant RoseGarden Supreme

A really nice weather today, in the sun it's like summer, in the shadow it's like autumn. We went to a new restaurant that have opened in Sisjön next to Willis, RoseGarden Supreme. It was a asian kitchen that serve chinese food and they also served sushi, YUMMY! The Cafe/restaurant behind me is a new opened restaurant too, haven't tried that one yet, maybe soon...
Oh btw it was a buffé.

Didn't get a shoot of the other plate of yummy food. This one will be enoug for today.