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New blog

It was a while since i bloged on here, i´ve moved on to another name. I'm now bloging on !


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Ett klipp

Från kryssningen till Tallinn med Baltiq Queen fartyget.


You can not believe what i bought this weekend!? ... :# It's amazing how and how wonderful it is to have this kind of thing in my life now. I cant believe it myself, there's so many things i want to do with it and now i can when i read the whole book of instructions. Then i can start "do" it. It's so much fun, I have to just Thank Jackie that she made it possible! :D

Thank You sister! <3

It's a bit crazy with the software cd-rom to instal the thing to then make it go into the computer. But here's 2 pictures of the thing i was talking about...


I also bought a kit with a bag, 8GB memory and a cloth. It came with the package of the camera.


Man am I happy or ehat?? have been waiting for this along time now and it has finally happened! Its so awesome! It's so much fun to take pictures with it. Can't show you any pictures yet ... have a little bit of a problem right now with it. =S But soon ... of coarse!


Gotta go to sleep now, have to work and go to the gym.
I have to show you my manicure that i did just today. I think its looking really nice. My nails have been growing alot lately and i love them! Have to take care of them now, now that i they've come so far.

Anyways i have to go to sleep now, i'll see ya 2morrow.
Good night y'all!


Canon EOS 600D

I've wanted this camera for so long now and i will finally buy it soon! It's a Canon EOS 600D with a folding screen. I cant wait till it's mine, i will go this weekend and buy it.
Thank you Jackie!!! <3

Close enough!!

I've been a bit busy lately, so i haven't been able to write.
When i was at the Meda Markt store the other weekend, I parked my car but when i came out, stood there a big van. They had parked so close to my car that it was unbelievable CLOSE!!!

Look here:

I say OMG!! They didn't even scratch my car at all. MAN that was really close!

Fever week

Have lain in bed for almost three days now, I have been freezing and sweating constantly. I don't wanna lay in bed anymore so i'm up out of bed, can't stand the headach i'm having either, drinking alot of water, have to pee all the time and have taken pills. It doesn't show any results at all. I've taken time off from work too, I'm sick of it!

Trixie time

About yesterday, I drove to Annelund to meet Trixie, finally it was my turn to go to her this time. It was a long way for me to drive though but it was worth it. I got to finally see Trixies apartment and her cats. =)
I or we, me and Trixie had so much fun so i forgot to take pictures. Hahaha. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the wind blowed a bit and it was warm. No jacket yay! We had alot to talk about like always! hihi. It's always fun to meet my best friend, she understands me and she knows my jokes. Love her!!!

Oh yes i forgot i had one picture actually, we were in a fabric store, they had alot of cute fabrics but they were unfortunely very high on the price tag.

Autumn has come -

By the way I stopped by on Stoff och Stil and looked what they had of kind of lace fabric, but they didn't had that much at all, same on their site aswell.
BUT i found these 2 new magazines, I was thrilled because now i have something to read and watch! :D

Oh and on the way home from school i took these beautfiul nature pictures. Clear sky without cloudd, it's surprising how the weather is this year of autumn, it's very warm in the sun when the sun shows up. And i like it, nice weather!!

I love the colors on the leaves, red, orange and yellow, beautiful!


Design schools that is what i've been looking for these past few days, I want to go to a desgin school abroad where it has beach and sun every day.
So far I've found schools in USA - LA, Thailand and Italy. I don't know about Australia, New York and Paris, I will look for more info.

This is me in Bulgaria, SUN, SUN and SUN!!!

Work hours

My colleague called me on a sunday afternoon and asked me if i wanted to work more hours? And i said Hell yeah! I do want more hours! So from this monday this week i started to work on another drugstore. And i will get more hours soon, there will open a Kappahl too 20th october so i can't wait till it openes.

Other than that... I don't have anything to say.
That's all for now.
Oh by the way there's been very nice weather these past 2 days and there's more to come! :D

Snacky snacky

A bit snack, was hungery and watching True Talent. A new yogurt from Olo a really tastefull one, you have to try it!
It digestion your stomach and it's creamy and good.

Now when i go to the gym 5 days a week, shows result but can't see it though, but everyone else sees it... Okay, I have to be honest thougjh, one of my chino pants are a bit looser now and i feel awesome about it! :D

I will keep up the good work i'm doing and continue with it. Soon I will see more result but it will take time though. But that i have to take i guess, to avoid powder drinks, i hate those!

Start designing

I purchased this desktop today, I'm so frickin happy!!! Now I can finally get my sewing machine up on the desktop and really sew my clothes that i've wanted for months now. It looks very nice! Soon i will have some shelves up on the wall aswell. I can't wait! :D

Weeeeeeeeee, finally my work will be done! A great place to work on for sketches, paintings, computer and sewing. :D

Before heading to Jysk and buy my beautiful desktop, we ate our lunch in Ikea, I took a caesarsallad with garlic bread. It was super YUMM!
Took a look in Ikea for a desktop aswell but there weren't anything i liked or the fitting that i was thinking of. There was trestyle work, but they were too big, if we had a bigger apartment i would get it though.

New York

A new restaurant that has been opening in little Lerum, "New York" is the name of the restaurant. The prices were really nice, this piece of planked steak was made with smashed potato with chicken fillet with bearnaise sauce and fried vegetables.
I was full, I couldn't even eat everything on the plate...

Me today

Sparkle set

Look what i found on the kitchen table before i was heading to school this afternoon, I've forgotten to tell you about this super cute little set i found yesterday. Very cheap also, so i just had to buy them!
Now i can create so that my brain boils up too much. ;)




My name is Jessica but i called Jessie. I'm from Asia. I'm born in Sweden. My interest's are: designing clothes, do sketches and shoot everything possible. I love the colour pink, cute things and i love my Angel - Anastacia! <3 I'm a freak and proud!! On my blog you will find what i'm creating, designing and what i'm up to.
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