Deco den?

I have seen these deco den styles and i'm so interesting in it, so i tried to do a design myself. And woops this is how it turned out. I think you can call it "Deco Den" I only use the super glue though.
A very simple one and the first one that i've done. I think i'm going to get these other cute stuff to pimp it up.
This time i took my card wallet, there sat another stickers on it before as you can see down under here.

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Gillar du pyssel, kawaii och andra söta saker?

Jag har nyligen startat en pysselblogg där jag även säljer handgjorda smycken och decoden!

Kolla gärna in den och shoppa loss bland alla söta saker!

2012-02-20 @ 20:29:18

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