The Ålsta experience

When i see alot of pics on facebook that people have taken, when we went to Ålsta Folkhögskola. It feels like you miss it too much to start all over again and do it all over again. It was very intimately, so you got very close to each and everyone. The school wasn't big so that's what happenes.

I wanna experience it again. It was fun! :D

All the party's we had on school.  It was nice and fun! <3


I've lost the motivation to do the last piece for the clothing line. It's been 1/5 or 2 days already not doing it. And i have to so move on with it and start doing it! Bcause the presentation is on the 12th may and i've felt stressed ever since we got the schoolwork. And so i've been sitting down there and worked on my clothing and now i think i just need to relax bcause i've been so freakin STRESSED! 

I think i need it too even if i have one piece left. But i think i will do the top fast anyway. Altho i have other things to do aswell such as the fashion illustration that i've been doing here in my room with the photoshop 4.0  that i don't quit know really well.

It's kinda very hard. Bcause i wanna do it on photoshop but i don't know ps that well at all. Not the one i have tho, it's ps 4.0 and i want the older one 2.0 bcause think that one is more easier.