Liseberg 28/7

Yesterday we went to Liseberg, me, Trixie, Sandra, Linda and Anders. It was a beautiful day with nice weather, super hot! So there were also many people that came and each of every attractions took like 1 hour and 10 minutes or an half an hour. That's crazy!!! Have never happened before when i was there. When waiting in the line, had so much pain in the feets and OMG it wasn't that boring at all because we had actually really fun...

... Trixie, Sandra and me went to ride these attractions and we had so much fun, it's a crime!
We should do this another time too, it has to repeat i think! :D Are you in?

On this one, spun to much so i got to take pictures insted.

Postat av: matilda

sv: va härligt :) jo det är bra med mig!

2011-07-28 @ 22:54:09

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