Norwegian weekend

These channels are built with 18 000 of poeple and about 150 years ago there were 380 people working with this in 5 years. They worked in the water even if it was very cold in it. Can you believe how much work this was back then? And it has kept alive since those many years. It's a really nice idea of crossing the water with that boat. To each of these channels takes about 20 minutes to disembark. It's like a room without roof and windows in it, were it fills with water until it reach the top, then you can move ashore. It was Ulefos NV who started this cool idea.

This is where we go under the water channels. Watching how it all happenes with the water and the electricity, the machines and so on. We all are wearing the helmets because of if everything falls down, then we won't be dead...

The next day, Saturday we went to a golf club where we played mini golf. We were like 22 people and had to play with a partner wich is better than the other one. So we got in pairs and i have a bit skill to doing mini golf but didn't know that i was that quite good in it... There were people that came second, third, forth and fifth place.

So we had totally 16 points and that was choking even for me that we actually WON! And i was better in playing it  than the partner i played with. Strange because he has played it longer than me and he's kinda a pro. It was alot of fun because we got to choose wether we wanted ice-cream or beer and we got also a golf ball too like the other forth and fifth players got. I chose an ice-cream of coars with strawberry, it was totally yummy! Bad they don't have that kind of ice-cream over here in Sweden. ;)

After the golf game we came to the hotel and just relaxed in the outside door. We played a little bit of bowler and me and Jimmy won over he's boss and another player.

Here's some people playing a bit golf, they didn't had enough playing at the big lawn.

Later at night we went to watch and hear some musican players. They were four of them and they sang in Norwegian and alot of talking too. Didn't understand a shit of it at all. =(

We also ate a bit of the restaurant/bar dinner they served to us. Hamburger with potato wedges and to dessert a chessecake with digestive and starberry. Yumm!

There's a competition every year, where they have these white t-shirts running with their bikes to go to 5 bar's and drink as much as they can (alcohol/beer's). And catch every bar they can in 5 hours. They started with this bar ^^ And the one that comes first, that person win the whole thing. They were so drunk that they couldn't even stand and bike their own bikes anymore, some people were that drunk that they didn't even knew what they were doing at all.

The hotel we stayed in had these huge and massive quilt's, they were so comfortable to cuddle with. I wanted to take it home with me! The hotel room was a bit bohemian, cute and old but new stuff... There was no tv though, there were although a toilet with shower, haha. Super cute hotel!

The breakfast at the hotel.

20 minutes ride with a boat, then going by car to Grebbestad...

Where we had lunch for the day and what a beautiful weather they had down there. So frickin hot that we were all sweating like pigs. In norway the last day (sunday) was raining all day.

WOW awesome weather!


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