Just come home from a Xtravaganza night. There were slim food, drinks (1portion), fruits that they served. They had a gym pass before the eating. But i wasn't on it for the first: i didn't know about that and 2and of all i already have trained 2 hours before.

It was kinda nice, altho it was only me the yongest. :S The team leaders were very kind and nice. They smiled at ya and so. =)

When leaving it, you got to take one of these:

I don't know about it, i think i will go on my own race, it will be much cheaper also!
With this training program it cost like

  1. 900 kr for 6 months and that included the food and the gym
  2. 599 kr for 4 months and that included the food and the gym
  3. After that you pay 499 kr for something...
It cost alot so i can't afford to it.

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Det heter xtravaganza

2011-06-11 @ 13:40:48

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