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OMG your not gonna believe your eyes, i can't believe it myself!
They have opened up a Stoff & Stil shop in Bäckebol. It's so amazing that i jumped of joy. When we arrived, there was a sign said "Stoff & Stil" i recognized the sign and all but didn't quit know what it really was so on the left side of the other sign it said: sewing accessories and i got blown away. OMG i can't believe they finally have opened that kind of store near by me! Well it takes only 20 minutes or so to go there. But it's so all worth it. The other Stoff and Stil store is in Malmö so you got it right? ;)

And here's another lovey thing that came home to me, now i can do real Amigurumis figures for real!! :D

The only thing that i don't understand in this book is that it says "fm" which i know what it means but it says that in every first line to start the figure of the head or whatever it is. I'm gonna figure it out somehow in the mean time anyways ... i hope!

They are such a lovely figures that you can almost cuddle them, although they are very smal.

I hope my figures turns out to be as fine as they look in the book, it will take a long time for me to finish this piece and i will be so thrilled when it's finished!

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Sooo cute!! <3 But why are you blogging at an .se (?)-site and not an english one if you're writing in english? ^^

2011-06-30 @ 20:04:06

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