Pirates Of Caribbean 4

Yesterday me and Jimmy were invited to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The förbo, real estate invited us, there were also these Gothnet to present their net how good it is to pick them and so on...

Before heading to the movie theatre, we got a bite on the Panda Sushi for dinner. It was delicious! The inside out roll were not the same as the other ones on Super sushi, they were actually yummy with avocado. And it's so pink at the Panda place. :D

It showed up like more than 100 people that day. It was free so why not and it was at 6 pm not too early and not to late. People do need to go to work the next day...

It was fun, cosy. They should do that more often, like once 3 months a year at least!
They aslo had a table with fruits in a bowl, popcorn and drinks, there you could pick what you wanted, that was really nice! Thought they only would give us the caribean movie, but OPS we were wrong.


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