Today me and Jimmy went to town and bought this "autoparktime" we tried it but it didnt quit work at all... Me wasnt that hungery after that breakfast i ate today. It was a big one for me, but Jimmy was hungery as usuel. So we walked around a bit and window shoped a bit and then i had to just go anf find a bikini for this summer, you'll get to see it tomorrow.

Anyways we went to a Thai Livs store where i used to go with family there when i was a smal kid. It was nice, very warm in there... We found these cute bottles of Fanta, with strawberry flavor. They tasted like bubble gum, not my taste.

Then i got hungery, so we ate Mongolian food. It's so yummy!

And i found or Jimmy found these ciute yarns. They were so tiny for real. like 5 cm or something. Then we got home and i watched tv, Jimmy did dinner for us. And look what he did with the food. So Cute! I was very happy!



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