Le crossiant

To go to cafe's, i just looove that! Me and Jimmy went to Le crossiant in Sisjön and took a bite there. I took panini with parmesan and mozzarella, they add automatically the chips beside. Yummy!

We went to Bolagret to see what they had there... I'm in a phase where i like Japanese things right now. And i also like pink, have done that since a little kid. :D Love finding new pink and cute stuff all the time!

We also went to Mediamarkt to look for an usb and the Ipad's. I'm so in love with the Ipad's right now, they show you such a strong picture of the colours in it, I just love it, i wanna have one of those, even if i don't going to buy it. Haha poor me! But in the other hand i will whatsoever buy a new phone, i want a pink one, my next buy will be an Ipod or an Iphone. But still my mobile is pink yet, but a little bit out of scratch...

Postat av: Sofia

Kul att du gillade mina minimuffins. :) trevlig helg!

2011-06-03 @ 19:01:31
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