Nothing is open!!!

Best friend Trixie came, we went to Gothenburg where we wandered around we couldn't find "Haga". I think we walked around a half an hour or even more, it was HOT and we got so frustrated!
We couldn't find it so we walked along the way and then we saw the avenue. MY GOD it was so crappy, we should know how to get there because of nearly living in Gothenburg before. But nope. Finally Trixe used her Iphone to get the GPS to walk by it and we arrived exactly where we would have come.

We walked to buy a drink in 7-eleven they had air conditioner in there! It was like coming in from a freezer and than out to a sauna.
Then we walked to that street where the shops were supposed to be open. But nah, they have only open on mon-friday and saturday. Were we mad ... or WHAT!!??
I wanted to go to Kawaii-design and Trixie wanted to go to Regnbågen (Rainbow)!

After that we went to go and eat some lunch and this is what we had, a bite of Panini. It was all sort of things you could choose. This bread is called "Libba bread" it comes from Libya... I think :S

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