How life can be wonderful

My first fruit sallad with ice cream, it's such a colourful dessert. Me like.

Yummy!! With orange, banana, pears, grapes and strawberry. It's so summery! :D
Can you feel the spring under your skin? And the trees are just blossoms, it such a great feeling and a wonderful look. It's like you have taken it from a painted picture out of nowhere.

Cherry tree, love them!


Before math class

Searching for jobs, done 5 application now and doing math.

My lunch before i'm heading to school. Salmon with rice and top of it all dill sauce and soy sauce.

Wishlist 2011 (birthday)

Here's my birthday wishlist of 2011. It's such a cute combination i've picked. I can't think of any other things that i want. I looove to do wishlist every year even tho i'm not gonna get any of them.

If you don't understand what's on the wishlist picture^^

* Dummy size. 40, 42 (adjustable or not)
* Buttons - Large and smal, In different colours
* Cake necklace
* Cute jewelry (nickel-free unless silver)
* Cupcake bowls with lids
* Giftcard for clothes
* Cute things - Hello Kitty

Oh yea i've forgot something else that i want. It's these books that i've wanted for ages now.

Birthday things

I bought these muffin cups. They are super big! I bought them in a shop called "Hemma" in Freeport, Kungsbacka. I'm going to use them when my birthdayparty is...

And i got this lovely thing from Jimmy in advance. Eeeeee i loove it, it's so cute! :D <3

Motor show in Jönköping

Me and Jimmy went with he's friends to Jönköping to see the "Motor Show" they have there once a year.
I found a name plate that you could design with your own name and a little picture on it. It's pink and it's red letters.

In the way to Jönköping we stoped by at Ulricehamn. It was very nice there, they didn't have many stores but at the center you could see the sea. It was beautiful, couldn't take any picture there tho.

Here's a picture of me anyways. ;)

The shoes arn't converse, a fake brand. They are light pink. For only 199 bugs at the "Freeport".
Oh yea when i'm already talking about that ... i can add that the cardigan comes from "Carlings" for only 179 bugs and a boxer top for 49 bugs at "Gina Tricot". All for a very cheap coin!

Here's some pictures of the car's and motocykle people have designed.




A mini mi copper


Early this morning, Jimmy heard and saw a big bumblebee, it was 2 cm. A big one for sure!
After a struggle of this bumblebee we got him in the ventilation, where it really came from we think. Beacuse after awhile it just flu in there. And it ain't a ventilation grill there either. So it can just come out and come in whenever it want. We put a bunch of plastic bags in one, so it can't come out.

When i came home from work, sat with my computer in the kitchen. Guess what i heard? The frickin bumblebee is OUT! And i was so sweaty, Jimmy said it can burn your skin very hard, so that you get allergic to it.
Now after awhile i caught it, i thought it was dead because it didn't even moved a fly. But now it has moved and it just try to get out. I'm not gonna loose him out.


Isn't he BIG???

Work and after work

Had a wonderful day at work today. There's a newbie at work and she's so funny!
She always teases Nicklas (a extra worker like me.) Have been so funny to hear them tease each other. Hehehe. 
The head chef invited us for lunch, it was really nice, outside work.

I had to quit earlier today ^^ Because there wasn't any work to do. Beacuse of the "orders" they were done before lunch time. Kinna was so happy that they finally were done for the first time - quick. We have been 3 people these 2 days and it have been a fast work for us. It's fun!

After work i just enjoyed the sun, it was like 16 degrees when i got home. It was better weather today than yesterday. :S
When Jimmy quited he's job we went to buy some motor oil and washer fluid to the car. There's so many that get's motor stop in the high way, i don't wanna be in the same situation.
We didn't wanted to go home because of the sunny weather so we went to "Triumfs ice-cream cafe" in Sävedalen.
I really love that ice-cream cafe, it's the best, you get so much of them, the scopes are so big that you get so full.



This is a 500ml cup of ice-cream, have 4 different flavors. My favourite ones. I was full in the end, my gash i couldn't even move afterwards. XD

18 degrees

Here's a day with 18 degrees. That's the highest sun day every here this year.
While waiting on Jimmy to come home (locked out) i took some pictures of the basket plan field and the football plan. They are kinda big here to be a playground just for kidz. Anyone can play though.


I like the basketball plan better, than the football plan.

The lunch

I forgot to tell you that we grilled some burgers after the day in Alingsås. We were starving, didn't had a lunch before we drove away and not even after. If we have to save some money we have to go home and eat some lunch/dinner at home insted. To go and eat on restaurants is very expensive in the end!

Yummy right? :D Sunny day but very windy in the end.

A short day in Alingsås

Today we went to Alingsås again, to meet up some friends...
They had a white house in the middle of the town and we went to see what it was. It was these "Liveing days" how you can live, company's that sell houses and apartments.

After that we went to buy one ice-cream each and then we just walked along the street in Alingsås, they have so many nice and cute houses in town.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a fabric store and a sew machine store!!!

Then we went to the stairs in the center and just enjoyed the sun there.


Then we went to Storken, i wanted to buy some clothes, the clothes you'll see later. We heard some music in the way in the storage. One girl sang a song and then the Fashion show began to start.


Some peeps are dancing in the way in of the catwalk.


Here's the end of the show!

... The "friends" never called so that we could meet up ...

First grill day this year

17th april was the first time in this year we grilled.

Doesn't it look lovely, the weather was fine, altho we were a bit late to grill them. It was nice anyway.

A wonderful day in Alingsås

Today we drove to Alingsås. We took 2 ice-cream i had 3 flavors - Orange, Dumle and Blueberry. The orange is a new favor, I love that one!

Then we walked in about 2 hours around there, we saw these new houses there it looked so nice. Then we walked to "Nolhaga animal park." And here's some pictures of the animals they had.


How cute they all are right? I get so happy when i walked by and saw these cute animals. It was really nice to see this the first time of my life in Alingsås. It was like Slottskogen in Gothenburg. (They have almost the sem thing)


Second hand is wittily!

Taking a little snack right now.
Guess where i found this cute mug? (have 2)
On a second hand store in Floda, it was very matching because of the apartment i got back then. 

Second hand is a great way to shop cheap!
I've found some... myself in the past few years.
I just found these 2, in a box. Have slowely forgotten them when i moved in.
I've bought them on "Erikshjälpen" a shop in the little Fränsta.
I like the green one because of the flounce and the white one because of the dusty pink with the details on the side. It's cute!

BirthdayCard on Photoshop

Have done a birthday card on photoshop, what do you think?


I think it looks pretty good to be the first ever done on ps. To have photoshop is a better and easier way to place the pictures. You can do them bigger without the blur, so smart! It's a much better than paint, with paint you have to fix everything by yourself and it takes more of your time too.

It's a cute and pink card. Wished i had a printer though to print it out and use it. ;)

A movie - Sandra Bullock

I'm going to watch a movie now "Gun Shy" or something like that. Sandra Bullock is on that movie. Hope it's a good one. She often do good movies/films. So fingers crossed for it to be a nice movie watch.