Teaching centre

Now i will go to the teaching centre and do my math.
Hope i can do the math test now! Now that i'm ready for the next step!


I've been searching for jobs now and it's going pretty well i think. Don't know if i get to have this cleaning job now when the adte is over today.
So gotta search and search! :D
Hope someone will pick me!
Oh that interview i was in - that i didn't get. =S Better next time!?

My weekend - wonderful!

This weekend i've been out and ... something else i can't tell before it's all clear... :#

But something i can share is what i've been eating this weekend. =)

So wonderful 2 days!

Playstation 2 (Need For Speed - Most Wanted)

Soon i'll be playing Playstation 2. I got one from my lill broh for christmas...
Jimmy had bought a game from a second hand store on net. He bought Need For Speed - Most Wanted, so we kinda played it yesterday and i thought it was awesome game and so much fun! You should hear me when i play - i can sound very upsetting! XD hehehe

2and math class

Have been on my 2and math class today. On thursdays they are only 1 hour, on mondays they are 2 hours.
The teacher have orgonized it with 9 subsamples and we have also the tests in the book. I did my first done today. And i had like 8/10 stars. =D Very good of me!

And i got praise too for doing it so good and i also count very fast in my head - faster than when i type it on the calculator! =D =D =D That is nice to hear! :D

The Ålsta experience

When i see alot of pics on facebook that people have taken, when we went to Ålsta Folkhögskola. It feels like you miss it too much to start all over again and do it all over again. It was very intimately, so you got very close to each and everyone. The school wasn't big so that's what happenes.

I wanna experience it again. It was fun! :D

All the party's we had on school.  It was nice and fun! <3

1st feb - Start a project

I've decided to begin to be hard on myself. To start to sew and design clothes again. 1st feb i'm going to start a projcet!
What it will be, that i don't know right now. That we'll see.

On Sunday Mariam is coming over my house. And we will both do 2 different things. She'll do her scrap booking and i will begin to sew the pillowcase's.

Here's the fabrics i will use for Sunday.

Searching for a bigger apartment in the city

I'm searching for a bigger apartment especially in Gothenburg. I prefer in central - near the town. But like in Linnégatan - it's very expensive there. But such a nice place, can't afford tho.


This is the one we got right now, kinda the same if you move that wall between the bedroom and the livingroom. 20 mins from Gothenburg. We need a bigger one. ^^

21 jan

Yesterday was mine and Jimmy's day. And so here's the pics i took from the food and the dessert.
But first here's some pic from the early hours before Jimmy came home.
The relaxing - did the nails as you can see and the feet i did, the moistering was such a good thing, it felt so fresh. =) The face mask - i did not get to it.



I surpriced Jimmy with thai food.


The dessert was - Strawberry with banana. And a orange wedge on the side. Better than cand! ;)

1 year and 10 months

Tonight is our's me and Jimmys 1 year and 10 months together. So we are going to celebrate that.
I will not go online and write more today. 2morrow i'll show you what we ate and so on...

xoxo jessie

Relaxing day

I'm trying to relax today. Like now i'm planing to take a foot bath (the one i got from Jimmy on christmas).
A face mask on and take care of my nails - they need a refreshing.
With ocean music for the relaxition.

You'll see the result on the nails later. ;) It won't be any difficult tho.

Ipod touch

I've looked over on Tradera and i've searched for an ipod touch. I wanna have one of those bcause of the quality of the pics, the wifi internet and the cat if you have see that one. It's so freakin hillarius! XD

Talking Tom Cat

If he dosn't hear you.

A naughty cat!

If you poke him on he's tummy, he'll be knocked down!

Cutie - crisp bread

Have you seen such a cute crisp bread before?? They are so smal, like an half of your smalest finger. They are very thin.
The crisp bread is from Finland, if you go there of coars to get them there ;) maybe you can find it someother place also.

Healthy dish

I'm eating soup with vegetables and rise. I used to eat that when i lived at home with mom.
It's nice and it's a very healthy dish.

Yoga class rocked!

Hey there! I just came home from my first yoga class. It was really nice, hard to do the moves and you got really warm also. The yoga class rocked!

This one we did today --->