Feeling sick

I don't feel very well today, I had to drop everyting i had planed for the day. It was so frustrating! I got a freakin headach and i was feeling sick. So i got on bed and just rested for hours. Now i feel much better than earlier today.

A beautiful day

We went out and running for the thingi Jimmy would buy, but he didn't find it on the market. Sadly enough.
By that time the lunch time reached and we were starving, so we took a bite at the new restaurant/cafe in Allum. And it was delicious!


A Chocolate cupcake with white chocoloate over. The chocolate cream looks like a rose and with the brown papper thingi around it.


Here's my car so far, in further times i will try to find a pink seated suit to the place where i'm sitting and driving on and a blue one on the other side. What ya think?


On the steering wheel it says: "Lady" in case ya wondered! ;)


Adhesive pads big and tiny ones for scrapbooking.


And yarn for doing amigurumi figures. I thought that they are so freakin cute that i have to try to do one myself!

Going out

Me and Jimmy is going out, he will buy a thingi.
We're going out with my car! I will decorate it with my fine and cute things that i will set on my car when i come out. Weeeeeeeeeeeee it will be so my car for once, it looks already cute with the pink steering wheel trim. It looks so cool.
I'll have the pic by the end of the day. =)


We went early to pick up Jackie and Alex. To go to Ullared/Gekås.
We bought a lot of needy stuff and stuff to my car. I bought these cute things like this steering wheel trim, seat belt cover, gear cover and a mobile pocket. And it's all in Pink coloured! :D I don't have the pics right now, i thought i'd show you 2morrow when i can take pics.

We ate at their new restaurant 3 floors upstairs. It was decorated as it's in IKEA. It looks like the same there.

Here's some of the things i've bought today.
For the car: A Miranda Bear - Me to you and a air freshener. 


Some scrapbooking things to the cards, stamps, decorations and knobs.

Inspiration of cards

Here's more scrapbooking cards that i've been working on.

Inside of the Card.


I think i've discovered a long lost talent for real! The inspiration have just set my world. 
The cards looks so wallpaper ish especially the insdie ones.


My friend told me about volunteer jobs, when she did it after high school and it's just up till your 30 years old. So i've thought about it because i'm under that age, i have no job and i just studdy math so why not!?
This summer i could do such thing if i don't get a summer job that is. Which by the way i don't think i will get tho.
I think i've decided that i will do a volunteer job insted, come out, do some fun and do something uesful.

There were diffirents country to do the volunteer. I saw Thailand XD have longing to go there for ages...

Altho if you go abroad in Europe you don't have to pay any penny to go and volunteer. If you go outside Europe you have to pay. That suks, i thought i could go to Thailand but nopes. If there's in Intaly i will go there...

Scrapbooking Cards

The scrapbooking cards are finally done. You don't think it takes long time to do it, but it really does!


So what do you think?
I will do some more and if anyone is interessting to buy some, I'd be glad if you did! ;)

Another talent

I've nodest another talent that i have... Scrapbooking, i did alot of those before. I kinda lost it when i stoped doing them hehehe. So one of those you'll see when i'm done with some.

Scrapbooking dresses

I just found these on net and i got hooked by them immediately.


How cool arn't these? ^^
That must have taken a long time to do them. Such a art!

The pics for the day

The pics are here now!


We did not unfortenely go to the mountains today i think we didn't know how to go there for real... haha.
But we got some other nice shots, that were very good ones!

Photo day

I'm soon heading over to Partille to meet up with Mariam, we are going to take some pictures.
In the big mountain behind where Mariam lives and the nature. I think it will be nice ones.

1 year and 11 months

I will get ready for the evening. I've bought some food and dessert.
Now i will go and take a shower. And later on i will light up with some candles.

2009 when Jimmy came to see me in Fränsta frist time. ^^

Meeting Trixie, Marie and Jani

Yesterday i was meeting Trixie, Maire and her boyfriend Jani. We haven't met each other for so long and it has been 6 years ago since we last saw each other at all. MAN, time is just running away! I can't believe it's gone 6 years already! It's so freakin wierd!

Didn't take any pic tho... =(
Wish i would because of not have seen each other... and we ate on a china/thai restaurant too. The food was delicious and it came on plate so nicely.

It was fun to see her again, haven't either seen her bf either so that was nice too. He colud speak Swedish very well acctually, he moved to Sweden for Marie. <3

Movie night

Before me and Jimmy went to see the movie... we had like an hour left till the movie starts. So we sat on thier cafe and took a bite of what they had there.

We saw "Gulliver's Travels" in 3D. It was fun!
The movie in the trailer was very fun and so was the whole movie aswell. Laughed alot!

Late Lunch

I'm having my lunch now, a bit late yes i know... I'm eating "Patties" sort of pastry but still not, they are made of puff pastry, inside is the meat and potatoes.
Mom is making them on her own. Then i get to have some of it. It's originally from India.