28 feb

Have to try to go down and sew my bag!! I was suppose to go down yesterday but the whole day i sat at the comp. And i even tryed to do the pressie to jimmy. So... But today i will go down.

But now i remembered to wrtie down for the pic to the show we having this week. I can't come up with somthing eslse than. this... "I got the inspiration from the fashion store Mojjo in the town Sundsvall"

My GOD my english has gone mad! .... ARRRGG what i'm i going to do, i think i have to read more in english, like ana news that stuff that came to me before, that is how i learned my english so well before. OMG i have to read more ana news!
On www.anastaciadreams.com OMG it's callum my friend who's having the site! :D eeeeeeeeeee Thankx for the song Cal! :D xxx 

Calling all angels rocks!!! :D I looooove that song, have been listing to it since i got to listen to it! :D eeeeeeeeeeeeee happy, happy, happy!!! :D

We're suppose to watch a movie

Sitting here with Verre, we was suppose to fix the movie we we're suppose to see, We borrowed it from Maja. SHe didn't answered my messages so i took it and wrote a littlw message on her desk!

Hi Maja, We borrowed Linn's dvd, I leave it by tomorrow here on your desk. But if you want it earlier, then go to Västgård floor 2!

Bye jessica

Linn you have to come home! We can't see the fuckin video, we need your comp. it dosn't work either of my own comp and Verre's school comp. Do you get it Linn???
Why this weekend , we miss ya and we need ya! Hello, does it ring any bell?? =P
Love ya Linn! Have fun on the hocky ice! See ya soon Grandmas ma! ;) haha

at 1 pm

We are going to do portfolio, we have to prepare to do portfolio. It ain't goin well for me tho. Bcause i don't have any things to show, ya know!? ;)

But now i'm trying to do my skate shoes, that i've scetched up on a papper. Now i'm tryin with pink coloured. Before i used just with ink and one with black lead.
Kertu our teacher choced the black lead one. She didn't see this pink one. The pink one is very girly and the black one is more for guys.  I don't know which one i wanna chooce for now. The pink one would match my baggy jeans alot. But then again the black one is very good done. I have to think it over.

Wish me luck! 
have to contuin to this thing i'm doin now. 
bye xxx 

11th month together <3


It's me and Jimmys 11th month today 21st! I wish we could celbrate that. But he's too far away ='(


And i miss him very much! Every fucking minute i'm away from him. Hope he get's here when it's our first year together the 20th mars. He'll probebly come up here by than. =)  

Everyday now when we talk on the phone i get so sad everytime! Because we are far away from each other such a long time. I know it's a smal talk and that everyone else is not meeting up there lover at first in one month or 3. When it's our sports holidays or christmas holidays or whatever. I don't get it how they can live with that. I would totally flip out if it was that long with me and Jimmy. But now i'm just happy that he even comes up here and meet me up after 3 weeks. It's alot of money coming up here by train or whatever. But it's our love that is so strong that it dosn't matter how much it really cost. Infact the bigest money i've gone to a train ticket was at 2000 bugs. So that was a bit way to go! I didn't like it but just to meet my love, was the only thing i wanted to do. <3 <3


I've been in Gnarp today, with Alicia and her best friend Felicia, Maja and Verre. Me bought for 400 bugs and it was only 3 different fabrics. I didn't find any real wool fabric i got disapointed. They don't have that kind of super pink wool coloured one. =( They had before but it's gone now. They won't order more, bcause they're not sure if somebody will buy it. =(

It's only few people who like those strong pink coloured ones. =( But anyways i found some other wool/wiscous fabric to my jacket, some other time i can do the real wool pink one i think. When i go abroad someday soon, i'll go and look for it there. Maybe London... haha you never know... ;) 

We also went to Sundsvall and was at the Olssons fabric store. I found 1; black jeans fabric, 2; a flowered one and 3; a fabric to the twoil. =) It was cheap 10 bugs for 1 meter! :D So that's good!

Now at 8 pm we are goin to settle us down in the livingroom and watch Melodifestivalen. It will be so freakin fun. We kinda do that every week. Haha. =)

Wednesday and today

On wednesday, we were all very laze. Me, Linn and Verre went to Ica and bought some chocolate balls. haha And even bought ingredient to do some of oour own. Haha the recipe was super weird. We had to melt the butter. Which you don't do when you do the chocolate balls at all! Next time will get Verres recipe! :D MHM!


This morning, haha after i went to breakfast, Linn sat in our kitchen. And Linn was like come in here and be with me, i'm alone and i was like erm.. i don't think so! I think that Verre is here and eating cheriols bcause i can hear her bowl she's eating of. And then i just went in the kitchen and DAMN, MY GOD Verre had Super pink hair! OMG OMG OMG hahaha i was like just went near her and just, man what have you done to your hair ya know!? hahaha and i was like have you died your hair or something?? Hahaha no, it was just a wig! hahaha.

Here she is, so cute!


It looks nice! ME like it, I was thinking how would my mom react if i had that wig when i come home this sports holiday with that super pink hair. hahahaha she would flip OUT! hahaha! =P =D

This is what i ordered from Panduro. After launch bcause they are so freakin stressed to order stuff so fast. Me and Verre got so angry. So i went and asked Jenny if we could order it next week. But then the other ones had to have it so early as next week on monday or something. I got so pissed that i could just AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGG! It feels like they ALWAYS decide what it has to be, Like the fashion show we did or what else we do. We have to do it on their way. If we give them advice. They just NO we can't do that!!! It's really like that AND they really just talk to eachother before they talk to us and decide them self what we are going to do. And that is so freakin irritating that i just could scream out load about it! So Jenny told me that i could order it after launch. And so i did.

Today the sewmashine Micke came and showed his machines to us. And i just fell in love with one of those Coverlocks machine. And itäs a coverstich and a overlock machine in one machine! And if you buy it as a customers it will cost 10 fuckin bugs!!! MY GOD!!! hahaha and we who go to this school get 20 % off. So it would cost us 7000 something. There was this machine and he just had this ex as the last one. And there is a new one that cost 9000 something a newer one and with 5 overlock threads. :D A stronger strings =)  

I ordered some things that i could do a pressie or 2 to jimmy bcause his birthday is on the 7 march. The list got very long. 9 things. And the total is: 200 - 300 bugs. But if you think then it will be very cheap if you would buy something like that. That would cost more than 300 bugs. MHM!


Helmut my new name... haha :P from Linns bf. hahahaha He didn't remembered my name so he said Helmut hahahahaha! =D =D







Have done some figure measuring for my coat that i'm going to do. It's very hard to do the personal measuring, I wanna do it on my own. But it dosn't go on my way =/ But i'm trying to learn so much that i can!

It's only 2 weeks to the studio show. And i'm having my baggy jeans and a bag that i will be doin and with a little painting on it aswell i think. If i get it done on this tuesday. So i'll have to start doin the bag soon. 2morrow maybe! I have to get it done like now!

Anyways. I have to do own dummies. Bcause you have to find your own style for them. And then you can design and draw up your clothes.
So i will be doin them now i think. To see what the result will be. It feels like i haven't drawn in years! It ain't good bcause i don't feel like i can draw anymore neither. =(
So have to start someday, so that will be today! :D I think. I just have to find some inspirations! =)

Todays day was fantastic!

Everything that was wroting since i came home from the trip Sundsvall. IS GONE!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGG!!! =@ =@ mad mad mad!!! =@ by just clicking one freakin button erase or enter or whatever i did. It just POFF!

Anyways i had a good time today in Sundsvall. Here's som pic for the day

Here's the culture magazine, we are talking about how we are going to set the stage and how large it'll be.

Here we are in the studio where we are going to show our art that we've done.
Here's the cafe me and Verre went to when we were so hungery! Emma and Linn went some other place. This cafe was more nicer and so cosy! =)

Here we are again at the cafe we wanted to chill after the run for shoping fabrics. Me, Verre and Maggan who went also with us. Ate cream buns which is huge here in Sweden! It's the cream bun's day today! So Yuumy it was! With coke aswell! Have to celebrate the day somehow!

So cosy they're having Verre and Linn. And Linn is laughing her butt off! haha And Emma is concetrating to draw Verre! hehe =P  And Verre is concetrating of drawing Emma by not looking at the paper.
Emma is watching Verres necklace that she bought today!
Here's the gang! Maggan just followed us to the cafe! =)

Alot of pics were takin today! I thought i had the chance to take some pics while we are here together! Since we never take any pics at all of eachother! But that has to change now! So i'm doin the change today!
More pics it'll be on us! That's for sure!!! Got it girls?? Right! =D Awesome!

Culture magazine in this earlie morning

We are now going to the Culture magazine in Sundsvall. We are going to take pic for inspiration in Sundsvall and the place there. To then paint or whatever we want to do and show people there. What we've done.

We are goin by car at 9 am. So have to pack my things and then go. =)

I think it'll be fun. Me, Verre, Linn and Emma are also going to the Olssons fabric store to buy some new fabric to our new project, to do a jacket or whatever it might learn us better in the sew world. ;)

Have to go now bye for now

Happy Valentines day! (yesterday)

Here's some pic from yesterday. Me got a chocolate box (Aladin) from jimmy!

It was nice, it's red! haha. But accpected more cuter things tho =(  Like a little bear holding a heart, a happy valentines day card and a red rose! BUt that didn't happen. =( He bought something to us both. It was a kind thought that. But yeah i don't know. Me was thinking of doin a happy valentine thing to but i didn't have time at all. So it got crazy i think when i come home for the sports holidays i'll be celebrate the happy valentines day a bit later. Cause i don't like the way it ended this time. 
So i'm going to do a speciell thingi to him. =) 


The fashion show day 13 feb-10

I've been having so much to do last week. It's really terrible! But it also have been a really nice week. The ice sculputuring was not so quit fun tho... =( But the rest for the fashion show have been very fun. It's been a hard work all week. SOme of us in my class have been up all night, some everyday and some just hours. But still!

Me, Verre and Linn sat like the last few days before the fashion show. I sat till like 3 am to 4 am maybe. And Verre and Linn sat 2 - 7 am. Haha But we finally did it! We got done with all our things for the show. It's fantastic! =D
We are proud to be done and that the fashion show went so well!
There's alot of pic for the show and there's also a video of it... i think! I'll ask the others about it later.

It was so much fun the first show was so freakin nervous! Me couldn't believe how nervous i was, My legs were shaking alot but it was fun. But the next show and the last one. Was the funest bcause than we had to stay on the scen awail and than go. Also me wasn't that nervous as the first show. So that explains it all. 

Here's some pic from the fashion show!

Everyone had almost the same hairstyle for the show. The gang, for our room! me, Maja, Tamminen and Linn. ^^

It was alot of fun! I'm most proud of the first outfit, it's the grey bolero and the baggy jeans i'm having on these pic! :D
There will be coming more of pics from the fashion show.

bye for now xxx.

I'm exhausted!

We have ice sculptured the ice and the reslut is not done yet. But it will come soon, maybe 2morrow but i don't think so. Or maybe it will. It looks almost done acctually! =)

It's goin well tho! :D
Here's Verre. In the begining of the monday.

Cute she is! =) :D

And so today or this whole week has been so stressed! I'm really stressed out. I've got headach, stomach pain and exhausted! My eyes are swalling up and I even got the cold, i think i'm so stressed out that i'm gonna fall down sooner or later.

And here's the fashion show poster!

Credit to Linn and Fanny in my class for doing this! ;)

Now i'm going to sew my jeans that has to be done 2morrow!
g2g bye xoxoxo


Ice sculpture week

Me and Verre have searched for some figurs on google. In more than 1 hour i think. And the time got so fast through till the launch! Now will have to pick the figure soon. And we are a bit behind the others. =(
But i hope will get it through today before we quite the school day.

I don't know what we will pick but i hope it's the hello kitty one! Cause that would be so perfect! :D
Than peeps can see who have done them... and that's really nice :D our trademark ya know! ;)

The top

Here's my waistcoat with the pink buttons. And the top i did yesterdays was done yesterday night at 22 pm i think.
Here's the top:


Here's the waistcoat: ^^


Have been at the optics and ordered a time there to get the vision screening. And i thought it would like be 50 -100 bugs to get that. But then i asked and they told me that it cost 300 fucking bugs! That was so expensive for my wallet. Dude the optics i'v e been before even in Gothenburg they cost 100- 200 bugs that's cheaper!!! I don't get it why it's so expensive at all! I mean it's just a freakin paper!!! ARRRG

I have to cancel the shit and i thought i'd do it when i go home to Gothenburg insted. It's just 4 weeks till the winter sports holiday so i think i'll be fine till that! I hope!

See what i saw and clearly when i walked home to school after the optics;

We are going to do the ice sculpture next week! And we have to be there otherwise we will pay like 1000 bugs. Just bcause you drop out! It's unbelieveble!!! =@ How on earth are we going to stand out there in the cold in 8-9 hours per day??? Me is going to freeze my butt off =P But luckly me found some real gloves to handle the cold, i hope! haha and a real scarf and a cap! :D and i have my lovely red jacket aswell which is saying that it's for the cold for 20 degress and more i think. It looks like one of those jackets tho.

We will work 2 and 2. Last year they had 4 peeps in one group and that i think it's much better than 2. If it's 4 it get's faster to do the ice sculpture. And when it's 2 then you have more to do. And you have to even chooce a partner! Which i don't like bcasue you then maybe don't get to work with that person and so on.... I would rather do the sewing stuff insted of the ice sculpture.