This day

Linn from my class text messaged me if me wanted to go the sew hall. And me was like cool she message me :D And me got so happy that she messaged me first this time =) hehe. Anyways... It was only me and her for awail till Johanna came in too.

ME sat there in over 2 hours i think and worked with my necklace of fabric.

i have to go now, have to sleep and go to bed now, up early tomorrow


Don't know what to do today but i'll think i'll do my lessons thingi today i have to get done with it.

Was sitting and chatted with my lover - he's so cute! MIss him alot and think it's good that we call each othere everyday cause it really helps me get thought the taugh times and not missing him in the same way if we didn't hear each others voices. He's going to visist me next weekend. So i'm really excited about it. Can't wait!!! <3

Finally it will be off that he'll visit me.
I was thinking of going home at "autumn leaves" The whole week there from friday 23th october till 1st november. JImmy said that i could live at his place that week. So i'll probebly will do that. Cause i don't have any place to live, now that i've cancelled my apartment i had in Floda. But i could live at my moms place but still i don't wanna live there cause ya you know... the rest ...

But i do have to pick up things i didn't had with me up to the school. That i've forgotten. Like my "Lerum cosy pants" that i damnet forgott to take with me! and alot of other things i forgot: like my pink fluffy slippers, pencils and so much more...

Good Morning

Sitting and eating breakfast with corn flakes and milk and thick bread with ham and butter.
Doing a list - what am i going to buy for me and my room.
So far it's:

  • Soap - for washing hands
  • Kitchen paper
  • Paper block
  • Skiss block
  • Pen - black lead, pencil

Can't think of anything else right now. It's to early to think... hehe

OMG the party/chill night

It was fab! OMG we had so much fun. I really laughed my ass off hahaha.
This time wasn't EVERYBODY there but it dosn't matter cause we had a blast anyway. =)

There was a bit drinking and most of all a chill night this time. Dude we laughed alot there was this subject where i didn't understand a thing of. And i was like huh? what exactly do you guys mean... and they just laughed at me hehehe and then i was like hahaha yea very funny but hahah it was funny :D hahahaha. Matilda, Fanny and Veronica. Hehe i have to figure out how am i suppose to describe the "THING"

anyways had a great night and i'm sleepy as hell so.

g2g now bye for now xx

Party at house 3 tonight

It's party again tonight! Last night was a blast :D And tonight don't know will maybe enform you about this later... or tomorrow! :D

28 august

It's been a fun day so far!

We ate breakfast and then 8.10 we started the lesson. Now we are really starting and it'll be fun. We have already got a job. It'll be a presentation what we have created and where we got the inspiration. And much more to presentate of coars...!

I'm doing a hair band thingi it's going like not so good. =S Do the fabric to in and the stiches don't shows. 

 No it's party at house 4 or 6. certenelly at house 4.

Bye for now...

love ya

This morning

Have been out and done "letterhunting" or something like that... don't know what it call. With new peeps and from other programs. I know a little bit one person who was in my group and she is from Lerum very near Floda. =) So i got very glad that someone came from where i live too before kinda. =)

We'll see after lunch who have win the contest, don't know what we win tho but the houner i guess. =) That's good too! ;)

g2g now bye for now...

Love ya!

The third day at school

Today we'e started a bit more with drawing - we drew bodys and had to cut paper into clothes...

It was a disaster - my thing. =( But now i know what wrong i did and can get better in that line.

The day have gone fast today. Me is joining some other girls in my class and some other from other classes. So we are some girls in that group and it's much fun! Like today we or me got down a stair down - 1 floor and knocked the door at a classmate Johanna and there were some girls too. I didn't know what to do so i just checked in what they did and joined them. It was lot of fun! Gosh we laughed!

And soon at 10 pm we'll watch "Ice of blood" or something. It's a serie so it's late but fun i think :D and get to hang out with the girls as well. Get to know them a bit! =) It'll be fun! :D

Have to go now...

In the morning 24th august

Took the train 5.46 am to Gothenburg - it wasn't late this time at least! Anyway came to the station there åsa and jimmy waited for me. Help me off with all package i have. To say Farwell to jimmy wasn't easy at all. I felt that days before that it wouldn't anyway. But åsa gave us time to be alone for awail. =) I hold on to jimmy extra this time and the tears were starting to come. He helped me with my package up to the train we were leaving with. And he came on and said bye. Dude then i started to cry alot! And he said don't cry. But after he left me. He text message me and told me that he got very sad himself after he left me. So ... Now i'm heading to Sundsvall. Have been in Stockholm already. I'm in Sundsvall 13.48 and have to quickly buy tickets to the next train to Fränsta that train is leaving 14.10. We have to hurry up to catch the train. Otherwise it will be to bad. Cause the next train goes at 16.00 something. When i'm up to school i have to call mom (forgot to call when i was in stockholm), jimm

Went to Utsikten

I went to Utsikten today. Lotta had called me a few days earlier. And she wanted me to come up and say good bye and everything. To pick up my things. It was fun. Everyone gave me a hug even Frida. (the one who bike all the time) Lotta, Mica and Solanj were there.

The things i had to get back home, was alot of friendships bracelets and alot of sew things i've done. Such as 2 tops, a rug, and many more things. And i didn't have to pay for them hehe. I got them free... I don't know why but i didn't say anything anyways because maybe i woulda have paied for them... hehe you never know... :P

I had my sew mashine with me cause i've forgot how the backwards button is on it. But it was easy and i've also tried it myself on that button. But when i did it at home - it didn't work. Weird :S
Lotta have magic hands ... hehe mica said...

g2g and sleep now bye for now...

Packing and Packing and Packing

Still packing things, especially clothes, don't know which clothes i'm bringing, All my jeans i know so far. It's colder up there than what it is down here. So the autumn/winter will come earlier up there. So i have to pack warm clothes already but still i don't have any warm clothes really. Have only summer/spring clothes.
And what i forgot to pack was the most important thing, it was the winter jacket! I'll probebly buy clothes up there enventually when i know the place up there.

But still i don't know what to bring, i wanna bring all my clothes but the laguage won't fit in with all my clothes, i have too many! .... hmmm? what to do!? I've already have a big suitcase right now. But i can't fit in with clothes anyway, i have to even bring my computer and another bag with my ipod, phone, etc.
Alot of things...

I haven't even build down the kitchen chairs, kitchen table, the sofa, coffee-table, my bed, desk. I have to remove them to my moms place anytime soon, very soon it'll be! I'm so nervous that i'm not gonna set all things up before i'm leaving. Jimmy is coming to help me today so that's good.

BUT it's poring rain right now, so i'm not even sure we will be moving things to moms today. =S

And my lover boy - Miss HIM so much, but he's coming today round 4 pm. Lucky it is! I can't believe how i will survive, I can't even stand one day without him. MAN this will be hard! ... so freakin HARD! :'(

Why now?

Why is everything happening right now? This year is the year i've had alot of fun and it means alot. For example got a trip to Hong Kong and Macau, have a boyfriend now, got to see Anastacia and met her aswell, i got in to the boarding school Ålsta and i'm moving away from Floda that i've alwasyed have wanted! AND Had a fabulous trip to Bulgaria with my bf.

The sad part this year is that Carro dosen't excist anymore! And i'm so sorry about that, I think about her every freakin day! It's so hard to think that she's not here with us anymore and i miss her alot! I keep thinking about the good and funny memorize i got with her.

But the sad part about leaving Floda and everyone else is that i'm leaving Jimmy and that's really effecting me right now because i've spent so many hours, days and weeks with him now in the past few months. Yeah, I said to myself that i will take it when the day comes. So ... 
But the good part is that he's now saying that he thinks that i should go for it to make my dream come true and really forfill it now that i have the chance. So that's really really good that he's got that in his head now! That i'm still going nomatter what! 

have to go now jackie is going mad now....